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Catholic Gifts Ideas For Many Occassions

There are many reasons why you might need to give Catholic gifts.  Aside from the typical holidays, the Catholic Church has many rites of passage, called the Sacraments, which members experience at different points in their lives.  These Sacraments are widely celebrated and are necessary for your growth in the church.  Because you can join the church at any age, you can undergo these rites at any point in your life.  All it takes is a desire to grow in your Catholic beliefs and deepen your relationship with God.  That’s why many people give gifts for these occasions, to celebrate a conscious decision and a passionate process.

One of the first rites you will undergo is that of baptism.  Most people are baptized when they are babies, and do not remember the process.  However, they were probably given a few Catholic gifts that were functional at the time, but now act as mementos.  For instance, blankets and gowns are very popular for this rite because it involves the dunking of the body into cleansing holy waters.  Obviously this will make you wet and cold, so blankets and gowns can help to keep you modest, dry, and warm when the process is complete. 

Another one of the Sacraments is the first communion.  This is the first time that a person receives the bread and blood of Christ, known as the Eucharist.  In order to do this, you have to attend classes where you learn why this is a significant part of the mass and of Christianity as a whole.  Catholic gifts for this occasion might include a rosary, which is a special prayer chain that teaches catholic prayers and proper meditation, as well as the significance of the Mysteries and Miracles of Jesus, and the Bible.  Speaking of which, a Catholic bible would also be appropriate for a first Eucharist as it truly marks the beginning of your conscious relationship with God.

There are other Catholic gifts that are appropriate for a variety of occasions.  The patron saint medals, for example, can be given any time you feel they will make a significant personal impact.  Maybe someone is going through a tough time or experiencing something new and is confused about their life.  Each of the patron saints is dedicated to specific life problems or vocations, like loss, health, weddings, firefighters, and the like.  You could give patron saint medals for birthdays, weddings, anniversaries, funerals, or just as a powerful reminder of your personal relationship and that Faith is sometimes all you need.

You can pick up a variety of Catholic gifts at your local Christian books and gifts store.  For a wider selection, though, you should definitely find a similar retailer online.  The catalogs on the internet are usually much bigger, providing more opportunity to find the perfect gift for your upcoming event.  The prices online are also often much better than what you might find at a traditional store.  You might even be able to get free shipping too, but that depends on the site.

This article was published on Thursday 26 August, 2010.

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