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Catholic Statue Garden

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The garden statues are special ways of celebrating the holy and the pious ways Jesus, Mary and other saints who helped establish the church. The garden is the place where you come close to the Almighty. The statues of our Savior along with  divine mother and pious saints sanctifies the place and always keeps reminding us of following the right path, even in face of hardships and despair.


The statue of Jesus portrayed as Good shepherd in our garden conveys the message that he is our protector and died for us. Further we should always protect our soul from the evil like the Holy shepherd. The other version is sacred heart, indicating the devotion to love of Jesus Christ. . The statues of Last supper and Mother Mary holding body of her son Jesus after his death can also be adorned in the garden.


The statue of Virgin Mary I, as the mother of Christ and the most holy lady, serves as the symbol of inspiration and hope in our garden. The statue of Mary with Holy family, as well statues depicting Mary holding baby Jesus and nativity set are very popular.


The Statues of St. Francis in the form of bird feeders and the bird bathers are good in garden, because he is patron saint of the animals and thus an ideal symbol in the garden. . The St. Francis statues evoke pastoral splendor of Italy where St. Francis himself walked, commuting with divine spirit manifested in the world of nature. The other great saint whose statue should grace our garden is St. Fiacre, also known as the Patron saint of the gardeners, because he himself was graced with qualities and taking care of plants and harvesting crops.


The statue of St. Michael, the Archangel is well known fighting and throwing the Satan out of heaven, are the chief prince of and leader of force of heaven in triumph over powers of hell. He is protector and patron of the church. It would important to have St Micheal statue in garden to ward of any evil trying to contaminate our pristine garden.


The Statue of St. Joseph is other important statue as he is patron saint of father, family and working man. His steadfastness as a guardian and husband was due to his steady faith in God. The other statue is that of St. Anthony, the beloved saint, who completely turned over his life to Christ and is Patron saint for finding lost things.


The other statues that adorn the garden are that of the Angels or the “messenger” and act as intermediary between the divine and the mortals. Due to their inspiring and protective nature for which they are well known right from the biblical era, it is important to have statues of them in garden, like the praying Angel garden statue, Angel with harp, Angel with a trumpet, etc. There are also Cherub statues depicting youthful angel with child like faces. The examples are Cherub with Lantern, Cherub in hand, and Cherub on column statuette. There are statutes of traditional lion, cute bunnies, frogs, cats and dogs, etc, which adorn the gardens, to make them more beautiful and peaceful.

This article was published on Tuesday 29 September, 2009.

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