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St. Cecilia medal for the Musician

St. Cecilia was a martyr of pre-Christian Rome in 230. For being a Christian, she was martyred and had a horrible death, suffering smothering, beheading which was unsuccessful three times and crucifixion. It is said she would not die until she received Holy Communion. Her skull still exists in the cathedral of Torcello, an island near Venice, Italy. She is considered the patron saint of musicians especially church music as well as composers, poets, singers, martyrs and instrument makers, because during all the attempts on her life and as she lay dying, she was singing the praises of God. It is said she heard heavenly music. Today, a St. Cecilia medal is worn by many musicians and aspiring musicians as well as by people involved in the music industry.



Wearing patron saint medals brings peace and comfort to the wearer especially if they are in certain positions where they feel they need divine help. For musicians, it would be hoped that a St. Cecilia medal would give them courage, as they perform, inspiration as they write or clarity as they teach music. This is especially true for people involved in church music including choir, organ playing and solo singing. They also believe the medal brings blessings from God to make their work easier and better. She was celebrated during the Middle Ages in Europe continuously until the 18th century by great painters, poets and composers including Chaucer, Raphael, Rubens, Dryden and Handel. She was a focal point for their art. No one cared that her biography was sketchy at best.


A St. Cecilia medal shows her sitting in front of an organ, which symbolizes church music, sometimes with angels surrounding her and she is also depicted holding a harp, a symbol of heavenly music. Most medals are oval shaped but there are round ones, and the biggest selection is available on line. They are made of many different materials including gold plated, sterling silver, pewter and platinum.


The St. Cecilia medal comes in very simple, plain design with a harp or organ. There are choir medals with a host of singing people on the back. This would be a perfect gift for anyone who sings in a choir at church or in any choral group. Also, there are marching band medals with choir boys playing instruments on the back. Do you know someone trying to have a successful rock and roll band? This may be the perfect gift. Saint’s medals are very popular with the youth culture as can be seen by the crucifixes worn by celebrities and rock stars.


St. Cecilia lived a long time ago and there is not much known about her life, but what little is known, that music kept her close to God while she was being tortured for being a Christian, has remained strong for almost two thousand years. For this reason a St. Cecilia medal is considered a powerful protection as well as an invocation to God for his blessings on anyone involved with music, but especially church music.



This article was published on Monday 08 February, 2010.

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