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Celtic Cross Pendants Perfect Gift Ideas

Whether you are religious or not, a Celtic cross pendant can be a beautiful gift to either receive or give to someone else for a special occasion.  The Celtic cross can be simple, with a plain cross intersected with a circle, or very intricate and stylized, with a flared cross and circle that is very detailed and decorative.  Sometimes the cross and the circle are also embedded with stones, either semi-precious or ordinary.

The history of the Celtic cross and the Celtic cross pendant is of course Irish and may stem back to around 400 AD when St. Patrick evangelized and founded Catholicism in Ireland.  The history of the cross is not clear and there are some very intriguing explanations of the Celtic cross.  In one version, the circle is a pagan sign that St. Patrick found on a rock that was a symbol of the pagan moon goddess and this version has it that St. Patrick made the sign of the cross through it and blessed it.  For others, the circle is interpreted as a sign of the unending mysteries of Christ’s cruxification and resurrection.  The cross is often used as a cemetery marker. 

A Celtic cross pendant can be worn as a symbol of catholic faith, or more generally as an item of jewellery.  There are many variations of the cross available, as well as many sizes.  It is also available in many different materials depending on your price range.  For example, it is available in anything from 10K to 22K gold, as well as in sterling silver, and sometimes even carved out of stone, which is often green coloured and semi precious.  It is also available made out of special Connera marble which is found only in Ireland.

When you are giving a Celtic cross pendant as a gift, it is wonderful idea to accompany the cross with a chain to wear with the cross.  These chains are again available in different materials and lengths.  Sometimes it is also available with a leather cord to suspend the cross, which can also be a very nice touch.  Depending on your price range, the cross is available in many versions and at many price points.  For the more intricate designs, or the designs that are imbedded with semi-precious gems you should expect to pay a little bit more.  You will also pay considerable more for items that are made either out of gold or sterling silver, whether they are cast or hand constructed.

Many good sources for a Celtic cross pendant can be found on the internet, through online merchants.  You will be able to find them very easily by entering Celtic cross pendants into the search string.  You will be presented with many options and offerings from both merchants in North America as well as overseas.  You will also find some genuine Irish artefacts available, whether you deal directly with Irish merchants, or with North American merchants who source worldwide.  Most merchants these days offer entrust or certified check outs, as well as fast delivery to virtually anywhere in the world.



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This article was published on Wednesday 10 February, 2010.

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