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Childrens Nativity Sets Help Children Learn About Christmas

The birth of Jesus is the core of the Christian religion. To teach children about the stories and values in the religion, there are many books, games and toys especially made to attract children to the faith. Children’s nativity sets are one way to allow them to handle the figures and arrange them while telling the story of Jesus’ birth. There are sets designed for children with cute cartoon-like figures representing all the important people. There are also soft play sets for the really little ones so they can also feel included. You can even get elegant Fontanini sets and separate pieces for children that look almost real.


Rather than telling your child not to touch the breakable, nativity set that has been handed down in your family for generations, get one that your child can touch, drop and even, if young enough, put in his or her mouth. Many toy companies make non-toxic children’s nativity sets. Plastic and rubber are the best materials but not all sets are suitable for all children. Some have small pieces that are great for older children but may be a choking hazard for the little ones. Be sure you get the best for your age group.


Another popular children’s nativity activity is the skit or play. Children love to role play and if there is an audience, so much the better. Even if it is in your own home, the family can appreciate the effort and the experience will be remembered by the child for years. There are many scripts available online especially for children. It would be fun to make the costumes and discuss who should play which character. Sets need to be arranged as well as a stage. Friends can be invited over for refreshments and to act as an audience for the children putting so much effort into the play. You can even give humorous lines to the animals in the stable. There is nothing like fun to impress an experience in ones heart.


If you need a simpler version of the story, than you find in the Bible, to read or tell your children you can also find it already written online. Look at several and find the one that best suits your feelings and beliefs. There are coloring books and paint by number sets to add to children’s nativity play as well as felt board figures, which you can make yourself. You can have a baking party with your children and make the characters of the nativity with special cookie cutters. These can be decorated and exhibited as Christmas decorations.


Since gift giving is such a big part of Christmas, even for non-Christians, part of a children’s nativity should include the three kings and their gifts. The child can learn that the gifts were very valuable and not meant for an ordinary child but meant for a prince. The three kings knew they were visiting someone special. Giving gifts is an expression of wanting someone to be happy. Children usually feel this themselves and make things for their parents and others but sometimes as they grow older, getting presents becomes more important that giving.

This article was published on Tuesday 10 November, 2009.

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