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Children's Rosaries

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The name rosary comes from the Latin meaning garland or roses or flowers. Rosaries are an important symbol in the Christian tradition because the rose is a symbol of the Blessed Virgin Mary because it is considered her flower. Rosaries were first introduced to illiterate Christians as a way of them being able to give prayer without having to read the bible. Nowadays most Christians own their own rosary to give prayer to, and they also make a very nice focal point in your home.


Children’s rosaries are traditionally given on the first communion, an important day for Christian children because it is when they first declare their religion. Children’s rosaries will make a brilliant first communion gift and there are many designs and styles available which have been specifically designed for children. One such rosary is a very pretty crystal rosary which is gift boxed and has a cross with it, this will make a very nice keepsake and will be something that the child can remember their first communion by, as well as give prayer to and learn all about the history and importance of the rosary.


Rosaries are traditionally made from crystal beads, but children’s rosaries are usually made from wooden beads because these are a lot more durable and safer for children to use. You can get many different colored children’s rosaries, and you can also make your own if you are feeling particularly creative and would like to give a unique and special gift. All you need are some round wooden beads, a length of cotton of thread and a simple wooden cross to affix to the bottom of the beads- it really is simple to do and would make a very nice gift.


You can also get children’s rosaries which can be hung on the wall; these make great gifts as well as a pretty addition to any child’s bedroom. It will also help the child to learn about the importance of giving prayer to the rosary and it will be a great teaching aid. There are many types of children’s wall rosaries that you can buy and they come in all shapes and sizes. The most popular is the crystal rosary, but if you are buying for a child then you might want to invest in a clear plastic rosary because these are safe and less fragile.


As well as making great first communion gifts, children’s rosaries can also be given as a christening gift of a gift to welcome a new baby into the family, you can get rosaries which are specially designed for the nursery, and you can also get rosaries which are designed to go on the baby’s crib- these rosaries will make brilliant and thoughtful gifts and will help the child to grow up learning all about their religion and faith.


You can find out more about children’s rosaries on the internet, where you will find lots of helpful links and sites which will give you ideas on where to buy rosaries and what type of rosary is suitable for children, you can also find information on making your own children’s rosaries.

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