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Childrens Wooden Rosary Helps Children Learn

The rosary is a prayer done by members of the Catholic Church to Mary. It consists of repeating several prayers in groups, each group called a decade. It is a popular devotion and gives peace and happiness to those who practice it. It is considered good to introduce children to praying the rosary when they are young so that it can, hopefully, give them a sense of security in their religion. The prayers are counted of a string of beads made from many different materials such as, wood, glass, gold, silver and precious and semi-precious stones. Wood is considered the best material for children to begin using, as it can withstand careless play or being dropped, without damage. A children’s wooden rosary can look like a toy, which will be attractive to them or it can look more traditional.


A children’s wooden rosary makes a good gift for baptism, christening or any occasion including birthdays and Christmas. There are many online that are brightly colored wooden beads, with a different color for each decade, a larger bead for the Our Fathers and a brightly colored wooden cross at the end. The paints used are non-toxic. They come is several combinations of colors to please boys and girls and are made with strong white cord that will not break during the child’s play.


For an older child there is a more sophisticated children’s wooden rosary with shiny yellow wooden beads and a red crystal bead for the Our Father. The crucifix at the end is also wooden. This rosary resembles an adult rosary but still has the color and atmosphere children will like. Also for an older child, there is a handmade wooden rosary where each bead is a different color with up to eight colors. Since each one is handmade no two are exactly alike so it makes a very personalized and attractive gift for a youngster, especially a young teen-ager.


You can also find online a children’s wooden rosary kit so a child can make his or her own rosary. There are instructions included, in English and Spanish, to make sure it turns out right. Children under eight may need adult help. The kit has large multicolored wooden beads and the instructions also include how to pray the rosary. Some kits can be modified online so you get exactly the beads and connection material you want. These kits are for children over three years or for adults who would like to make special gifts for the special children in their lives.


A more traditional children’s wooden rosary is made with dark green and black painted wooden beads with multicolored beads on the short strand after the plain wooden cross. The beads are connected with durable white cord that will not break. This rosary can be dropped without damage and may suit a boy more than a girl. Some children may prefer an “adult” rosary and there are many beautiful wooden rosaries available online, some with gold or silver connections and crucifix and some very rustic, connected with cords and with a rough wooden crucifix.  


This article was published on Monday 08 February, 2010.

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