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Every homeowner has different ideas for landscaping their home. Christmas yard decorations are a big deal to most people, so planning electrical access specifically for these decorations into the landscaping can be a great convenience when the holidays come around. Many people consider what types of plants to  put into their winter garden to have a blooming garden at Christmas. Holly and evergreens are a common symbol of Christmas, and keep their color all year long. These two are also very common for making wreaths. Other plants the have red berries like Holly, can create a beautiful Christmas atmosphere in a garden.


But we're not going to talk about plants, landscaping, and gardens in this article. What we are going to talk about are the many people that go all out with Christmas yard decorations, as well as decorating their homes for Christmas. Special consideration is taken in landscaping yards for these folks. Plans are created for decorating, lights, decorations, and preparing the yard to use the decorations in the most efficient way. This means creating and providing electrical access throughout the whole yard. Many Christmas lighting displays and decorations are elaborate, and need a lot of electricity to operate them. There's a wide range from the simple single displays, to computerized and synchronized displays that take up an entire yard. There are outlets and circuits required in order to operate these displays that can exceed the number of outlets, and the amount of power that most homes have. Many landscapers never consider when creating the plans, the amount of electricity and outlets needed for these decorations.


Besides Christmas yard decorations, having the proper amount of outlets on your property is not only convenient, but useful for many other reasons. Most homeowners only plan for low voltage electrical lighting in their yards, not many consider the need for electricity in their yards until a landscape designer mentions it when creating their landscaping plans. So if you are consulting a landscape designer, consider the number of outlets, and the amount of electricity you will need for holiday decorations.


Electrical outlets, lines, and anything related to electricity, has to be installed by a professional electrician. The best way is to have a separate panel box and circuit breakers for your yard. This way you can be assured there is plenty of power for your Christmas yard decorations. It's also a good safety measure in the event there is a short in the system, that panel can be shut down independently, and not affect the power to your home.


Every landscaping project is different with each homeowner. When creating your dream landscape for your back yard, it's important to pay special attention to outlets and electricity. Having the proper amount of outlets can prove to be beneficial, especially when planning outdoor events such as garden parties, weddings, cookouts, and various holiday events. Be sure you have the Christmas wonderland you've dreamed of by having the right amount of outlets for your Christmas yard decorations.



This article was published on Monday 26 October, 2009.

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