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St. Christopher Marine Medal for Members of the USMC

St. Christopher is the patron saint of travellers and he is the namesake of many a hotel and hostel.  Statues of St. Christopher also adorn many ships and cars as he is said to bring safe passage.  The legend that is attributed to him is that he was providing safe passage across a raging river to Christians during Roman times of Christian persecution, and one of his passengers was a child that became heavier and heavier.  Lo and behold it was the Christ child, who planted his staff on the other side and it grew into a flowering fruit tree.  A St. Christopher marine medal is also specially available for anyone who is in or thinking of joining the Marine Corp.

Many people who are embarking on a journey would be thrilled to have a gift of a St. Christopher marine medal, as would anyone who likes to sail.  Most of the medals of St. Christopher show him carrying the Christ child on his shoulders, and he is depicted holding the staff that was later planted.  Sometimes his whole body is depicted, sometimes it is just his upper body.  The special Marine Corp medal that is available has this image on the back, with the words, “St. Christopher, Protect Me” inscribed in the bevel.  On the front of the medal it says “United States Marine Corp” with the emblem of the Marine Corps.  They are also available for the Navy and the Coast Guard.

A St. Christopher Marine medal comes in many metals, from sterling silver to gold to pewter.  They often come with a chain that is made of the same material and it is also available in stainless steel and in different lengths.  It often comes with a gift box as well as a lifetime warranty.  There are also versions of the medal available attached to a cross, including the popular Celtic cross.  Two toned versions, in silver and gold are also available.

The decision to join the Marine Corp, navy or Coast Guard is a big decision and one well worth commemorating.  A St. Christopher marine medal is perfect to mark these events and to give your blessings to the recipient.  They will remember you, and be reminded of their faith or mystic beliefs each time their wear their medal.  For many people, such a medal becomes a part of them that they wear constantly as a personal icon.

When you are looking for a St. Christopher marine medal, you will find them readily available on the internet through online merchants.  They are available at many different price points and you will be sure to find something that fits your needs.  Shopping online is a wonderful experience as it saves you the time of having to traipse around stores.  It is also a great way to find some very unique and high quality items.  You can usually pay by credit card or by PayPal and it takes minutes to set up an account if you don’t already have one.  Most merchants offer v very fast delivery and use courier services and special post so you can be assured of receiving your order within a very short time after ordering.


This article was published on Wednesday 10 February, 2010.

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