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1st Communion Gifts For Receiving the Eucharist

From 1st communion gifts to baptism blankets to patron saint medals, there are many occasions in the life of a Catholic that is great cause for celebration and therefore the giving of meaningful presents.  Aside from the typical holidays and birthdays, celebration of the sacraments is very important as you grow into adulthood and into your faith.  Depending on the age of the person, these presents could differ, but the spirit will always be the same.  They are always intended to honor a person’s progression through the church and provide a meaningful memory for the hard work that is often a part of the journey.

For younger children, rosaries can be appropriate 1st communion gifts.  Obviously, rosaries can last for many years, which is why they are good for kids.  They can use them for some time afterwards and won’t necessarily outgrow them like they do with things like baptism gowns.  Rosaries are also a fitting way to begin a young person’s spiritual commitment because they can learn how to properly pray a rosary, which is one of the ways that Catholics strengthen their spiritual fortitude.  Also, you can find them made from a variety of materials, which means you can start with something that is easy to replace.

Young girls often find that they appreciate communion dresses for their 1st communion gifts.  While the event is definitely not intended to be a way of attracting attention to all, eyes are on the honorees.  There is absolutely no reason why they shouldn’t look and feel their best while celebrating this rite of passage.  Giving a dress to a young girl and making her feel beautiful can give her the confidence she needs to walk down that long aisle for the first time in front of the entire congregation.  It is also a special present  that will only be worn once, so it will have a sentimental connection.

For an older child, perhaps approaching the teenage years, you could look at communion bracelets when considering 1st communion gifts.  These are appropriate for a young adult who is forging their identity.  While jewelry could be considered earthly, the bracelet is a meaningful connection to spirituality that is reflected in the physical world.  Also, you can customize them with engravings of initials and the date of the event for an even more personal experience.  There is always a chance that the honoree could outgrow it, though, so you might want to take that into consideration.

No matter what you might be considering for your 1st communion gifts, you can get even more ideas online.  Check out some Catholic community sites to get some ideas and start conversations with other church members who have been through this before.  First-hand experience is always the best way to get information.   When you have narrowed it down, you can then find an online Christian book store or a Catholic gift retailer and find the appropriate gift for your honoree at a price that you will surely love too.

This article was published on Tuesday 03 August, 2010.

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