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Crosses make for great wall decorations

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Crosses have been gaining favor as a way to décor homes. Through the ages the symbol of the cross has changed making it a great way decorate a home. Many now mimic the antique hand-forged iron wall crosses. Wrought Iron crosses also have been gaining favor in a way to decorate your home.

Thru the ages wrought iron crosses gained fashion. They were made in a filigree style, a very detailed and ornate style that dressed up any wall in any home. From the time of the protestant reformation, the corpus was removed from the crucifix leaving just the bare cross that has become the mainstay of décor.

Within these crosses there are also scrolls swirls and designs that make even more intricate representations of the cross. In modern times another type of cross has gained favor, the Celtic cross.  Based on 18th century that avoids straight lines but uses symmetry has seen a rebirth in the early 21st century . The Celtic art form is related to the Celts the people who formulated the art form.

The Cross is always the main sign of Christianity where Christians tie it to their salvation. And how ornate these crosses have become is what lend themselves to a perfect wall décor. Some crosses have a depiction of the life of Christ carved or painted on the cross.  Making them more art based in nature.  Many have more of an orthodox type feel and appeal to them but used to decorate a room, make a stunning discussion piece for any modern home.

For the Catholic Church the use of the Crucifix is also very prevalent. The designation crucifix is delineated by the presence of the corpus on the cross, the actual presence of Jesus body mounted to the cross. In a catholic home many use this as a decoration item but place them over the doorways to rooms or over their children’s beds as a way of protection.

There are many artisans that hand carve wall crosses and crucifixes, with many being done out of olive wood a common wood type for crafting crosses and corpuses. The olive wood again gives the home a unique decorating idea that adds charm to the room. Most of the fine hand carved crosses do come from Italy, however there are cheaper knock offs that do originate from China.

There are many themed and patron saint crosses. One of the most popular is the Benedictine Cross Inspired by St. Benedict. It is commonly shown on TV as a tool in an exorcism because it is believe that the Benedictine Crucifix works good to keep evil away.  This is a great wall cross or over the doorway because it is a sign of faith for the faithful and a wonderfully ornate cross that adds to any room its put in.

Whether wood or iron, resin or plaster, the cross and crucifix make a great wall decoration and adds to any home they are placed in.

This article was published on Monday 05 May, 2008.

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