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For Christians, the ultimate expression in religious jewelry and art is the cross. Gold cross jewelry is an expression of faith and joy, and, as a gift, is always welcome to give and receive. The word jewelry comes from a French word that means ‘joy’ and with religious jewelry, the joy is doubled. They are available online in every conceivable design from gold nuggets to sleek pointed stars.


A few examples of the styles of gold cross jewelry are; 14k gold, combined to make a beautiful pendant with, onyx, jade, mother of pearl, pearl, diamonds, amethysts, and much more, as well as plain gold, in filigree, Celtic crosses, with doves, Italian Renaissance designs, sleek modern, with roses and leaves or a heart in the center. There are also bracelets, rings, brooches and anklets that have the cross symbol. In recent years as the cross and crucifix have become trendy and gifting these jewelry items has become very popular.


Gold cross jewelry comes in yellow, white and rose gold with many different colored designs in all shapes and sizes. There are plain crosses or crucifixes that are tiny and delicate or large and bold. The delicate designs come on earrings, charms and anklets and the bold designs are usually pendants or belt buckles and often liked by trendy people with a glamorous rock star, surfer or motorcycle lifestyle.


The price of gold cross jewelry depends on the quality of gold, any added gemstones and the quality of artistry. You can find solid gold religious jewelry online at over 50% reduction from many other prices, especially from jewelry stores. There are different reasons why some places can offer gold at less expensive rates and they will tell you on their website, so look around for exactly what you want especially on discount sites. If the price is less, make sure it is not plated if you want solid gold. If you are looking to buy an expensive gold item, it would help to become a little knowledgeable about gold. What is a karat and why isn’t 24k gold jewelry the best? You should know that gold is very soft and can change shape or even crumble if it isn’t mixed with a stronger metal such as copper for a red tone or silver for a white tone. 14k gold is the most popular and is 59% gold with the rest being alloys to make it strong. White gold is yellow gold with nickel or palladium added to it.


If you are buying a gold cross jewelry pendant make sure the chain is compatible with the cross. If the chain is too thin for a heavy cross, it will break and if a chain is too thick for a delicate cross, it will not look attractive. Today, cross jewelry is very fashionable for everyone, including those who want to exhibit their faith. There is such a huge variety online that it will be a lot of fun to look for exactly what you want for yourself or to give to someone special.



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