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Crucifixes are present everywhere the Catholic religion is practiced because they are the most meaningful symbol for Catholics. Rosaries, medals, pendants jewelry and wall hangings are just a few of the places people use a crucifix. For a wall in a home or small personal shrine, there are many different styles and sizes of crucifixes. They are also very trendy for rock stars and celebrities to wear large silver or white gold crosses and crucifixes.


Unlike a plain Latin, Celtic or other cross, a crucifix has a more somber atmosphere and is not displayed lightly. It is a reminder of the death of Jesus by torture, and for Catholics especially and other Christians a very powerful symbol. Almost all rosaries from the most simple wooden to the most elaborate gem stone and gold have a crucifix on the end. On some, the figure of Jesus is the same metal as the cross and it looks like one piece of beautiful jewelry, but on others the figure is made of resin or polymer and painted to look life-like. This is not often worn as religious jewelry. It may be for a rosary, wall crucifix or for a small shrine.


Wooden crucifixes are often made out of olive, walnut, cherry or linden wood.  The image may be of cast metal but often is painted resin. The different types of crosses that are used for a crucifix are trefoil or budded, bent beam, Latin, San Damiano which is an icon style often with the figure painted directly on the wood in a Byzantine style. The Fontanini family, in Tuscany, Italy, has been making religious statues for four generations. They make a polymer crucifix that looks like wood with a life like figure of Jesus.


The crucifix that the Pope uses is very simple and has been controversial. It was first used by Pope John Paul II and continues to be used by Pope Benedict XVI today. It is on the top of the crosier or shepherd’s staff that the Pope always carries. It is a very simple, thin, bent beam cross with a thin figure of Jesus and the INRI on top. It looks very rustic and humble and this is what some Catholics object to. They want the Pope to carry a magnificent crucifix which they feel is befitting his station as the top Catholic. The other opinion is that a humble crucifix is more in keeping with the degradation of the crucifixion and of the sins of mankind.


Except for the Latin cross and the bent beam cross, all the other crosses used for representational crucifixes are very decorative. A Celtic cross is already very decorative with the ancient Celtic patterns and the circle of life. A trefoil cross with the three buds at the end of each arm is perhaps one of the most ornamental. It looks very Renaissance inspired and is often embellished with filigree and diamonds to make an elaborate piece of jewelry or wall hanging.  There is also a Tau crucifix that is so simple it is almost the opposite of a trefoil but the figure is realistic and sends the same powerful message.

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