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Easter Decorations
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For Catholics, Easter is one of the greatest feasts of the year, even more important than Christmas.  On Easter Sunday, the resurrection of Christ from the dead is celebrated after 40 days of prayer and fasting, which is known as Lent.  Through spiritual struggle, people prepare to die with Christ on Easter Friday, the day of his crucifixion and then rise with him again in new life on Easter.  Religious symbols are used heavily in religious Easter decorations and each one has special meaning.

While many people are familiar with the Easter egg hunt that takes place at Easter, many people are not aware of the religious significance of the egg, one of the key religious Easter decorations.  Eggs, which were forbidden to eat during lent, are eaten because the egg symbolizes the germinating life of early spring, and without doubt the rebirth or resurrection of Jesus Christ.  Traditionally the eggs have been often coloured, especially red, to symbolize Easter Joy. The rabbit, or Easter Rabbit as we know it, was said to be the one that laid the eggs and the rabbit itself has long been a symbol of fertility.  It is only in the last century that it has taken the form of a chocolate rabbit and chocolate or candy eggs as most of us know it today.

Another symbol that is widely used in religious Easter decorations is the lamb, which represents Jesus and his death is often related to that of the lamb which was often sacrificed on the first Passover.  Jesus is also often referred to as “the Lamb of God”, going all the way back to medieval times.  The Easter basket, which often graces the table at Easter and which many children and adults spend hours to decorate, represents the ancient ritual of carrying the Easter food for dinner to the church to be blessed by the Priest before it was consumed.

Religious Easter decorations also often incorporate flowers, especially the white lily, again for their representation of spring and rebirth.  Easter for most catholic families is a time of joy and celebration as it is for non-religious families as well.  Although oftentimes Easter decorations are homemade, especially by children, they are also readily available in stores around Easter time as well.  Gifts are also often given at this joyful time.

If you are interested in purchasing Easter decorations and flowers, they are readily available in traditional stores as well as available on the internet as are the supplies to make Easter decorations.  Many online merchants these days source worldwide and you can find some very unique decorations, as well as symbolic religious Easter decorations to grace your table or your door.  Most online merchants these days have secure checkout facilities and also offer very fast delivery to virtually anywhere in the world so you easily deliver gifts to your worldly friends if you so desire.  This includes the delivery of fresh flowers.  Mmm, you can almost smell them and the spring that is in the air....


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