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Fall Decorating Tips and Ideas

The colors of fall, mainly shades of red, orange and brown are Mother Nature’s last fling before her quiet snooze through winter. When summer cools down, these are the colors we see all around us as the trees begin to lose their leaves and winter fruits and vegetables ripen. Nothing says autumn like a bowl of cool, crisp apples and that is the first of many fall table decorations. The apples could also be floating in a bowl of water with tea lights imbedded where the stem is. This needs to be fairly big so it is best on a buffet or coffee table.


Colorful leaves make vibrant fall table decorations. You can collect them yourself and use a ceramic or pottery bowl. Put some small rocks in the bottom to anchor the bowl and add height to the leaves. When you have enough leaves put them in the bowl, stems first so they look like a spray bursting out of the bowl. Three or four could be sprayed gold or silver to add a touch of glamour. What ever you use for your decorations, fall leaves can always be added.


The apples will disappear eventually but you can make centerpiece that will not be eaten and is just as colorful. Small pumpkins, gourds, corn, red berries, nuts in the shell and pinecones can all be arranged to look attractive and natural for fall table decorations. If you are not very keen on hothouse flowers, try small helium filled balloons tied and anchored at the bottom. They give a festive atmosphere similar to a bouquet, without the expense, and are a fun conversation item.


Candles make a great fall table decoration. You can surround them with clippings of leaves from your garden. Ivy looks the best but there are other decorative leaves that look good including orange, yellow and brown leaves that have fallen off trees. Candles can also be put into emptied pumpkins or gourds. Designs can be carved into the pumpkin, it need not be a jack-o-lantern, but will shine in the same way. If you are not using the vegetables as your vase, it is usually recommended to use clear glass for fall decorations. For example, cranberries could be used to fill a clear glass bowl. It would be colorful and could be put on a base of gold or silver sprayed leaves.


Dried flowers and dried fruit make fall table decorations that are beautiful and smell good too. You can make the dried flowers yourself during the summer. Even some dried weeds look good, and can be spray painted to suit your décor, if arranged the right way with some added color from leaves or vegetables. When you make your arrangement, you can use a wreath mold from a crafts store. Put the largest pumpkin or gourd in first and add the smaller ones around it so the smallest nuts or berries are on the perimeter. Use dried leaves or straw to fill in the gapes to make it look cohesive. The secret to centerpieces in the fall is color. Not the lavenders and pinks of spring and summer, but the earthy tones of red, orange and brown.

This article was published on Saturday 31 October, 2009.

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