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In the early years of Christianity, prayers were recited and the number of recitations was kept track of on a string or rope with a series of knots tied at intervals. This was called a rosary or garland of roses, when it was connected to the veneration of Mary, symbolized by the rose, to intercede with God on the prayers behalf. These prayers are recited in groups of ten, a decade, and traditional rosaries are grouped in sets of ten. A finger rosary is one set of ten small balls around a ring that will fit on your finger, with a crucifix as the eleventh point.


A finger rosary can be kept in a pocket or purse and spun on the finger as you pray. They come from around the world including Brazil, Italy, Spain, Philippines, and USA and can be quite expensive or free, depending on the type. An example of an expensive one is a blend of silver and gold with a European glass garnet in the crucifix. Each ball is gold and surrounded by silver with a gold ribbon outlining the whole flat ring.


Another type of finger rosary is about 7 inches long and is made with glass beads. It is also one decade but has a metal crucifix and saint’s medal. It is still very small and can be held in one hand. It is more like a bracelet than a ring. Other ones are made with fresh water pearls and are like a necklace for your hand. Some look exactly like large rosaries only are tiny. There are also tiny wooden finger rosaries, sometimes olive wood, with wooden crosses and connected with cord. One kind of from Brazil and made of Brazilian red sandalwood. They are light and easy to stuff a pocket.


A completely unique finger rosary is one from Poland made from natural amber. It has 10 amber beads, center piece and cross. Another unique one is hand made from cold porcelain. It looks very delicate with 10 tiny white flowers connected with a gold chain and a beautiful white trefoil cross. There is a Pope John Paul II memorial finger rosary ring. It is gold toned with a color picture of him in the middle of the cross. It is made in the Holy Land and not expensive. From Rome there is one with a picture of Mary in the middle of the cross.


There is also a more elaborate finger rosary that is called a Stations of the Cross. This means that there are little scenes on the back of the ring, one in each bump, that depicts one of the main scenes before Jesus was crucified. These are called the Stations of the Cross. The drawings are very tiny and more like symbols than pictures, but still take you through Jesus’ last journey. In general, finger rosaries are an inexpensive beautiful way to keep your faith close by without ostentation. You can get one for free online or if you would rather have a choice of design you can buy one for very little.

This article was published on Sunday 28 February, 2010.

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