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First Communion
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On the night he was betrayed, Jesus took time to spend with his apostles  for the Passover meal. During this time with them he, revealed the Sacrament of Communion which he told each of us to do in memory of him.  The took both bread and wine blessed it and said that it IS his body and blood and ask, his followers do the same. Thou the ages, Catholics everywhere do just as Jesus Commanded and receive Eucharist at mass. For many Catholics its arguable is the most important sacrament

The additional significance is that the institution of the Eucharist at the Last Supper became the new Seder replacing the Passover ritual. It was the New Covenant that the Lord had made with his people.

Steeped in a long history each Spring children, usually around age 7, receive the Sacrament of Communion for the first time. From that point forward parents, up until their child is old enough themselves, are encouraged to take their child to receive Communion as often as possible.

For a child to receive Communion for the first time, the child must be baptized. If the child is over the age of 4 but has not been baptized the child may be placed in the children’s  RCIA program at which point the child would receive the Sacrament of Communion but also they would receive Baptism as well as confirmation. This is a very common thing for families who do not have their child baptized as infant. In the first century however the baptisms were celebrated with adults and it was not changed to baptizing infants until the 15th century.

As every Catholic Boy and Girl knows First Holy Communion is a big even in their lives. In the more modern times it has become a time for celebration, Communion Dresses, and parties. Usually on this day the family and the godparents  gather with the child to celebrate.

Parishes have started making First Communion more prominent in the community as well. In the past you had the choice to enroll your child to celebrate their first communion as a group. They would hold the mass at an off time, usually Saturday afternoon and family and friends of the communicants were in attendance.  If you wanted to make your First Communion individually you could do that and would do it as part of the Sunday Mass. But in the last 15 years that has changed and moving to pulling the ceremony to one of the Sunday morning masses . Depending on how many children there are making their First Holy Communion, they may make the event into several Sundays. In this way the entire community or parish can be involved in what is an important day in each of these children’s lives.

With the new traditions,  First Holy Communion Sundays become large celebration days within each parish community. Often a professional photographer is also hired which makes for lasting memories. For First Communion Gifts, often a picture frame is a good way to make lasting memories. It is a day so profound in each of our children’s life’s it will often be long remembered and held dear.

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