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St. George Rosary Perfect for Soilders

St. George was born around 275 and died April 23, 303. He was thought to be a Roman soldier worshiped as a Christian martyr. He is a prominent military saint and St. Michael, the commander of God’s soldiers against Satan, was put aside by England in the 14th century, for a more personal military saint. He is usually depicted slaying a dragon and rescuing a princess, which symbolizes the pagan cults of his time and the triumph of Christianity. A St. George rosary has a St. George medal in the center and is popular with equestrians and the military personal.  Since the fourth century the country of Georgia has been dedicated to him.


It is said that he appeared to the Christian army before the Battle of Antioch and also appeared to King Richard the Lionhearted, the English king, during the Crusades against the Saracens. For these reasons he was chosen the patron saint of England and the Order of the Garter, an order of chivalry or knighthood which began in medieval England. In the USA, there is a patriotic St. George rosary with the beads resembling a flag or red, white and blue with a St. George centerpiece and One Nation under God written on the back with a flag and praying hands.


Today the dragon represents any vice that needs to be overcome including pride, anger or greed and praying the rosary is one way to conquer it. The medal in a St. George rosary can be of different materials and quality. Some show the saint, horse and dragon is amazing detail. There are rosaries that can be engraved and personalized that are very beautiful sterling silver with a St. George centerpiece. The beads are Swarovski crystal and it is available in at least 16 colors. This is a beautiful gift for a person to carry everyday.


He is the patron saint of Russia and one St. George rosary has a tiny icon painted on ceramic of St. George slaying the dragon and saving the princes. It has a rustic look and feel and is very unusual, with five decades of coral capsule shaped beads with flat Czech glass etched rectangles in between the decades. There are gold plated metal beads and a gold plated Orthodox crucifix. It is truly a unique rosary so unusual it may distract you from your prayers.


St. George is also the patron saint of Boy Scouts and a St. George rosary especially for children is available. It has very simple wooden black beads with a sterling silver center of St. George. For children he is a guardian and inspiration to fight evil and defend the good is everyone. There are places online where you can design your own rosary. They give an example of a beautiful St. George medal that is a copy of an antique with open metal work, completely unlike the usual medal center piece. If you have beautiful designs, but no way to forge them, then look online for custom medal makers so that your rosary can have exactly the image you want.



This article was published on Saturday 09 January, 2010.

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