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Glass Rosary Beads
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Glass rosary beads are the most common beads for the modern rosary. They come in many colors. They come in many sizes. And, they come in many shapes.  Almost every rosary now is a glass base. Some actually emulate a crystal or diamond but for the most part they are a glass synthetic that mimics a precious gemstone.


There are some specialty glass bead types as well. The most common specialty glass is the murano glass that came from Venice. This glass dates back as far to Marco Polo and at one point was a trading commodity. Murano glass beads were hand blown glass and made into a bead. They are very distinctive in appearance because they often has the milforie design embedded into the glass. In the present day we have heart shaped Murano glass bead. This captures the Italian rosary style and uses this specialty glass bead. Murano rosaries have become a very popular rosary type.  They are the ones that are given as gifts because of the distinctive pattern on them. The pattern is cut into the glass and the beads are hand blown.


You may also find glass rosary beads that mimic precious gems. Its not uncommon to have a rosary that looks like a ruby, emerald or an amethyst.  These glass beads are formed to provide inexpensive alternatives to these rosary styles. Often these beads are beveled or chiseled to give the bead character and appearance of a faceted gemstone. Although they lack up close brilliance of these gemstone types, they are very beautiful and give the same opulence at a fraction of the price.


Capped glass is another common rosary bead. These are usually capped with a base medal and the more expensive ones have a gold or more commonly sterling silver cap. The caps on the beads are usually molded to the bead making it very ornate.  Its not uncommon to see capped beads mimicking ruby and emerald stone.


Smooth glass is also used in rosary making. These beads make for a good every day use rosary because they are super strong and far less likely to chip or crack. They are very inexpensive and make again a great situation for carrying the rosary with you. They are inexpensive and usually made with a base medal for pens.


One last use of a glass bead rosary is to make one for rosary societies and guilds. These are groups of people, usually woman in the church or Parish that make rosaries for distribution to the sick, the troops or sometimes prisons. These rosaries are usually put together with string or threaded so they are not fancy in design but they serve the purpose set forth buy the rosary to spread prayer to people and makes no discrimination if someone can afford to purchase the rosary. These woman are devoted creating these rosaries and work many hours to make them by hand.


Glass rosaries are one of the lasting and enduring symbols of faith. Their hard surface make them durable for almost any circumstance or situation.

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