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History of Celtic Irish Rosary

A Celtic Irish rosary is just like most modern day rosaries except for one small detail, it has a Celtic cross instead of a simple cross or crucifix. Because of this, the crosses tend to be a little more elaborate and more eye-catching. Many people who wear these rosaries may be those of Celtic or Irish decent or simple love the beauty of the cross. Catholicism is very huge in Ireland, where this rosary originates from. Over ninety-five percent of the population is Roman Catholic so it makes sense to say that an Irish rosary is quite common.

A Celtic Irish rosary is made just as other rosaries are made. It has a set amount of bead for necklaces and bracelets. Just as with normal rosaries you can buy these almost anywhere. You can purchase them most notably in specialty Christian stores and online. Online is where you find the most abundance in this piece of jewelry. The Celtic cross can be found in varying sizes and shapes so that you can choose a rosary that suits you. There are even elaborate ones that you can purchase with inset stones and gems that make a truly beautiful prayer piece.

A Celtic Irish rosary can also be handmade. Often more decorative pieces are sculpted from wood or metal by hand. These are generally more expensive if you are looking for a piece like this. The significance and labor behind the cross make it much more meaningful. When you go to pray with your rosary and rub the beads and cross as you recite your words, you can take notice in how truly beautiful this piece of religious jewelry is. Many convents and religious orders choose to have their rosaries handmade so that they fit their own preferences perfectly while they draw on a connection to God.

The Celtic Irish rosary is most notably a Catholic piece of jewelry. Roman Catholicism is more dominant and many who wear a rosary are normally of this denomination. However, Anglicans and Lutherans may also wear rosaries. Some Christians who do not participate in any one denomination may also choose to pray with a rosary. The choice is up to you, though it is predominantly a Catholic tradition. Rosaries have been revered for their ability to bring people closer to God and the saints they call on. They are prayer beads, aiding all those who seek in prayer a physical connection to God.

A Celtic Irish rosary has been around for a very long time. These are most popular in Ireland and among Irish descendants around the world. This is because of the Celtic Irish tradition. You can purchase these rosaries both handmade and mass made depending on the quality and style that you are looking for. Online and in Christian specialty stores is where you will find an abundance of these. Rosaries are very symbolic and should be taken with great care. Wearing this religious jewelry symbolizes your faith in God and the Holy Son.

This article was published on Tuesday 07 June, 2011.

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