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The history of Christmas

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Hundreds and thousands of families celebrate Christmas every year, and it can be a really joyous time for people. Decorating the Christmas tree, Santa Claus for the children, buying presents for people you love and placing beautifully wrapped parcels under the Christmas tree- it is a picture perfect scene and one that every family dreams of having. But many people have forgotten the true history of Christmas and what it means. Many families and young children associate Christmas with the man in the red suit, reindeer and snowflakes, but Christmas is about more than just eating too much chocolate and receiving yet another hand knitted sweater that you are never going to wear! The history of Christmas is really the celebration of the birth of our lord Jesus Christ.


All of the things that we associate with Christmas all originate from this momentous occasion, but unfortunately a lot of people tend to forget about the true meaning of Christmas. The history of Christmas dates back many hundreds of years when the Virgin Mary was visited by God in a vision telling her that he would bestow upon her his child, a saviour for the human race. Mary and Joseph travelled to Bethlehem when Mary was heavily pregnant on the back of a faithful donkey and when they arrived in Bethlehem they needed a place to stay for Mary to rest.


There was no room anywhere for the mother of Jesus to rest her weary head, and so they took shelter in a stable among the straw and the animals. It was in that very stable where, on the night of the 25th of December, Mary gave birth to the son of God- Jesus Christ. Jesus was visited by the three wise men who bought him gifts of gold, frankincense and myrrh which is where the tradition of giving presents to loved ones comes from. Everything which we do around Christmas relates back to the day that our Blessed Virgin Mary gave birth to Jesus.


From the star which we put on top of our Christmas tree which represents the guiding star of David, to the presents that we place underneath that tree- it all leads back to the birth of Jesus. It is a shame that some people forget the true history of Christmas, but it is still possible for you to teach your children about the history so that they understand what Christmas is really all about. You can do this by taking them to church with you, teaching them about the story of the birth of Jesus, showing them the nativity scene and getting them involved in the preparations of the festive season.


You can find out more information on the history of Christmas from your local church, you can also find lots of useful information right here on the internet where you can find out all about the birth of Jesus, and how you can incorporate this miracle into your family celebrations.

This article was published on Monday 28 September, 2009.

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