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History of Italian Rosaries

Rosaries made in Italy have a special significance for Catholics. They are coming from the home of their Church. There are special Vatican souvenir rosaries blessed by the Pope from Vatican City. There are Jubilee 2000 rosaries, wall rosaries, rose petal rosaries and four basilicas rosaries, all unique Italian rosaries that make wonderful gifts. From the most rustic wooden Franciscan rosary to the most elegant golden filigree with precious stones there is the perfect rosary for you and your loved ones.


These Italian rosaries come in hundreds of types beginning with Venetian glass bead rosaries with light blue, pink, rose, white and many other sparkling colors of clear Venetian glass. There are also several kinds of wooden rosaries from Italy including olive wood, cocoa beans, wooden beads stained blue, black, red and brown which commemorate Pope Benedict XVI’s visit to the US in 2008. Also, there is rosewood, natural wood without stain and multi colored wood beads for children.


Probably the most famous Italian rosaries are made with Murano glass beads. Murano is a small town on an island north of Venice. Almost the whole town is devoted to making innovative and beautiful multi-colored glass objects, artistic vessels and beads and has been doing it since the 9th century. This glass has always been very popular, that is why late in the last century people started counterfeiting it. The city of Venice had to create a trademark to protect the genuine article. They had to do this twice because the first trademark was also counterfeited. These beads usually have a flower design in each one. It is put there laying different strips of colored glass together before cutting the beads. They are highly valued in rosaries.


There are Italian rosaries made from tiger eye, hematite, terra cotta, sterling silver, jade and mother of pearl and you can also get imported from Italy inexpensive plastic rosaries. In Loreto, Italy they make a rose petal rosary with rich, dark pink beads made from crushed rose petals. They are linked with sterling silver with a sterling silver crucifix at the end. This rosary is fragrant and stays that way for years. There are also imitation birth stones made out of crystal, so you can have a rosary from Italy with your birth stones as the beads. This is a good gift because there is a personal touch for the giver and receiver.


There are very detailed and elaborate Italian rosaries that are beautiful and expensive. For example, there are multi-color rectangle Swarovski beads, red heart shaped beads with red enamel crucifix, antique pearl looking beads with an enameled pink and green crucifix and some very ornate rosaries have water from Lourdes in the centerpiece. Not the most expensive but among the most detailed art work is a rosary with an image of Mary, as on the Miraculous Medal, inside each blue glass bead. The crucifix is oxidized silver with an added Miraculous Medal as well as on the centerpiece and each bead in set in silver. It is among the most beautiful rosaries to come from Italy.

This article was published on Tuesday 16 February, 2010.

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