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Holiday Decoration ideas

Traditionally, Christmas is a time when decorating inside and outside the home is very popular. There are two main themes for Christmas, the religious and the secular. Santa Clause comes to all children to deliver wished for gifts, and snowmen know no politics. But the true meaning of Christmas is the birthday of Jesus. Whichever theme is your favorite, and usually there is a mix, holiday decorations can be very elaborate and expensive as well as simple and homemade. Both have their attractions.


Lights are one of the best holiday decorations. The vice president of Thomas Edison’s company was the first to decorate a Christmas tree with electric lights. Since the 1880s, electric lights have been on trees, inside and outside, windows, fences defining stars, bells, sleighs and icicles. They can be simple strings available in almost every store between Thanksgiving and Christmas or very elaborate blinking, colored, flood lights that illuminate a tableau or scene on your front yard or the front of the mall. The tradition of lights at Christmas began in Ireland and came to the US with immigrants. These lights were candles and candles are still a symbol of Christmas.


Jewish people celebrate Hanukkah during the same season as Christmas. This tradition is much older and celebrates the Jew’s victory against the Syrian Greeks in 165 BCE. Their temple was ruined and needed to be rededicated. There was only enough oil for one day and the dedication needed eight days. By a miracle, the oil lasted for eight days. Hanukkah holiday decorations usually commemorate this event including the eight candles on the menorah symbolizing the eight days of oil.


If you want your holiday decorations to emphasize the birthday of Jesus, there are many beautiful things you can use to make your home attractive for the season. The nativity scene is the most popular, depicting baby Jesus in a manger with Mary, Joseph and the three kings looking on. There are also usually cows and sheep with a donkey in the stable and angels overhead to see the miracle. Nativity sets come in many different styles and materials from carved wood to ceramic. They can be tiny for children to arrange or life sized for the front yard of your home or church. Advent wreaths are also lovely arrangements of foliage and candles that brighten up any home. They are available online but you can also make your own with leaves, flowers and berries locally grown. Candles, ribbons and evergreens compliment religious decorations and add an atmosphere of festivity.


Holiday decorations are usually saved for years and come out just for the month of December. It would be fun and add variety if you kept several sets of lights and decorations so each year you can have a different theme. One year you may want only homemade ornaments on your tree and one year you may want only white lights for decoration. Variety makes the season fresh so no one will groan that it is time to put up the lights again.

This article was published on Monday 16 November, 2009.

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