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Fun Ideas for Baby Gifts

It’s fun to offer gifts to babies. They are easy to please and there is a world full of pleasing possibilities. Baby gifts are often more useful for the parents, and this is also a good idea, but giving something that will make the child laugh and have fun, is a great feeling for the giver.  Being the cause of a great, big smile from a baby cannot be replaced by anything.


Clothes are the most common baby gifts for newborns and infants. Pink for girls and blue for boys but other than that they are almost the same. Not true! You can get sailor suits, tuxedos, sports shirts and cowboy outfits for boys. Each style comes in a jumpsuit, T-shirt or sleeper. For girls there are ballerina, princess, ladybug and many other cute motifs. Booties are not just cloth with a tie string; they look like running shoes, dance slippers, tennis shoes and much more. There is a huge variety of cute, inexpensive clothes for babies.


There are kits that come already packed for baby gifts. They usually contain bottles, pacifier, bibs, towels, baby soap and shampoo, a comb and brush, powder, baby oil and sleepers. These are really gifts for the parents and often very much appreciated because you can’t have too many towels or too much baby soap.  A baby bath tub is a good gift along with a shower set and baby care products. As long as you are giving gifts for the parents, you might consider a breast pump. It may be very much appreciated, because it will allow the mother to leave breast milk in a bottle at home if she has to go out.


Baby gifts that decorate the nursery are also fun. Here is a chance for you to use some imagination and innovation. Babies really like mobiles above the crib that have music boxes and turn little fish or butterflies. Another idea could be fun, colorful posters for the baby to look at during diaper changes or bath time. Also, you could find a local art student and ask them to paint a mural on the wall of the baby’s room. You could give the general theme, such as animals, fairy tales, flowers as well as the paint. They may be happy for the work to earn a little extra money.


You could make your own gift kit with items for stepping out. Disposable diapers,

wet-wipes, bottles, a sweater, hard toys that can be dropped and washed and other things, all in an attractive carrying bag. Again, these baby gifts are for the parents. Something that will bring a smile to the little face is simple squeeze toys. They are loved a lot and rattles that make noise are also great fun. Some babies like plush toys and some don’t but the best possible baby gift you can give is you. Spend some time talking to the little one, playing peek-a-boo, singing any song. He/she loves the attention, doesn’t need the words, and you will receive back the greatest reward.

This article was published on Wednesday 17 February, 2010.

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