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Inspirational Religious Gifts Make Gives a Personal Touch

If you are looking for inspirational religious gifts you have a lot of choices available to you.  For example, you can always choose a special bible or prayer book, rosary beads or from the many medals that are available, some of which are incorporated in practical things like key chains.  Part of your choice will depend on the age of the person that you are looking for a gift for, as well as the occasion.

A lot of people like to give inspirational religious gifts for first communion, as well as other rites of passage.  If you are looking for something for a child to mark these milestones of religious life, there are some very beautiful gifts available that are especially designed for children and for these events.  A lot of people like to give medals and jewellery for first communion events.  These could take the form of necklaces, charm bracelets, lockets or earrings bearing medals of the saints or inscribed with prayers or other religious icons like crucifixes.  Some of these items can also be personalized with an inscription on the back of a medal or a watch for example that will remind the receiver of the special event.

Rosary beads are other inspirational religious gifts that you could consider.  These are available in special lengths for children, and sometimes incorporate things like heart shaped beads.  If you are looking for adult size rosary beads there are also many available, with different kinds of stones, from semi-precious to crystal, and in different lengths.  Some suppliers also offer the opportunity to customize rosary beads, with many choices for the medal that is on the rosary beads, as well as choices for the crucifix.  Often the beads are also available in the form of necklaces or bracelets that can be worn to remind the recipient of the need to pray and providing them the tool to count their prayers.

The reasons for giving inspirational religious gifts are often twofold – marking an event or special occasion, and providing the recipient with something that will remind them of their faith and giving them a prompt for meditation and prayer.  Another popular gift, in addition to those mentioned above, is small figurines or statues.  These are available in many different sizes and materials.  They can be made of resin, stone, or ceramic for example.  You will be able to choose from many different saints that all symbolize different things, or even the person’s patron saint.  If you are presenting a statue to children you could consider accompanying this gift with a prayer book or information on the saint in question. The statue could grace their bedside table, or even be a welcoming item in your front hall.

When you are looking for inspirational religious gifts you will find them readily available through religious supply stores as well as through online merchants on the internet.  Most online merchants do their sourcing worldwide and so there is a great range of gift options available and some of them are very unique.  You will find gifts available at all price points and for all ages.

This article was published on Wednesday 10 February, 2010.

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