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Italian Rosaries

Rosary comes from Latin and means rose garden or garland of roses. It is a traditional Roman Catholic devotion and the term refers to both the prayer beads and the prayer itself. The beads provide a way to keep track of the prayers by fingering one bead per prayer with larger beads that stand for ten prayers completed and a different prayer for the large bead. They are connected to the Catholic veneration of Mary. Counting prayers with beads is ancient tradition in many religions. It is first noticed in Christianity in the middle ages when monks used knots on a rope to count their devotions. It gradually became beads and today is an important part of the Catholic Religion. Italian rosaries are valued because they come from the seat of the Church but also because Italian design is superb.


There are many different types and styles of Italian rosaries. They come with wooden beads, crystal beads, and polished stones in every color. Some have tiny paintings of saints included and some are made with olive wood from trees that were alive when Jesus was alive. There are Jubilee 2000 Rosary, Four Basilica Rosary, Rose Petal Rosary,

Our Lady of Lourdes Rosary, all of them made in Italy. If you order them online, they come with free gifts from the Vatican. The Our Lady of Lourdes Rosary has genuine Lourdes water as a centerpiece.


Italian rosaries make great Catholic gifts. There is one for every personality. They can be given at special moments in life such as first communion or confirmation. They also make good Christmas or birthday gifts for those who truly value them. They can be delicate in design and color, with tiny pearl beads, for girls or grandmothers and heavy stainless steel with wooded beads for boys and men. If someone has a special connection with a particular saint, there can be attached a saint medal along with the crucifix. The Miraculous Medal is especially appreciated.


Vatican jewelry is based on paintings and illuminations in the ancient Vatican library. These designs are replicated and offered for sale. Some of the artifacts date back to 313 A.D. There are photographs of frescos, mosaics, detailed ceilings from the Classical and Renaissance periods which inspire the Vatican jewelry. There are Italian rosaries from the most ancient Christian tradition for those who appreciate history as well as beauty. Some prefer to be trendy, and they can have heavy silver and wood or stainless steel rosaries from Italy with the same workmanship and great design.


It is possible to find online antique and heirloom Italian rosaries. Some of these are taken from estate auctions and some are family heirlooms for sale. They have a vintage look, different from the Vatican jewelry, but with a charm all their own. Since they are not new, they have been prayed over for decades and this adds a certain cache for the owner. Whether they are for religious purposes or as collectables, rosaries made in Italy are beautiful.



This article was published on Thursday 19 November, 2009.

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