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Jesse Tree Ornaments

Jesse Tree Ornaments are a popular item not only at Christmastime because of its obvious precusor to the Christmas tree, but because it is a reminder of the cause for celebration.Jesus was said to be a descendant of Kings.  Looking deeply into his family tree, you will see that his ancestors, indeed, were of royal blood.  According to Isaiah 11:1, “the stump of Jesse will sprout a shoot and a branch will grow from its roots.”  The lineage is described as coming from David, the son of Jesse, and pertains to the royal blood line that eventually begat Jesus’ mother Mary. 

Jesse Tree Ornaments are made to resemble the family tree of Jesus.  This can be done in a couple different ways, the first of which is literal.  These decorations are often constructed to look exactly like a traditional family tree, with the roots in this case crawling as far back as to Abraham, and one branch, of course, reaching out to Jesus.  The amount of detail is usually what distinguishes one type from another, with simple versions providing only basic imagery of the genealogy, while more artistic models crafting detailed depictions of the family members.

For instance, the most common forms of Jesse Tree Ornaments usually display the ancestor reclining or sleeping at the foot of a literal tree.  Out of his side, sprouts the branch that supposedly leads to Jesus.  Both his body position and the abdominal reference are an obvious connection to Adam at the time that he gave his rib to the creation of Woman, Eve.  Around him are the vines of a tree that can resemble his descendants all the up the tree trunk, which itself extends to Mary, and eventually Jesus.  Even in this basic scene, the amount of family members disguised by the foliage can vary.

Of course, there are also far more elaborate Jesse Tree Ornaments too.  Many of them are paintings or reproductions of paintings that show the same image but in vivid detail and color.  You can also find this carved into large stone columns, floor tiles, embroidery, and monuments.  The most significant Christian art to feature this, however, is stained glassed windows and originated during medieval times when the image of the tree developed into Nobility’s accepted visual expression of lineage and then continued to evolve into the symbol of all forms of familial descent.

Jesse Tree Ornaments are the kinds of things you can only find at specialty stores because of their religious iconography and focused craftsmanship.  For this reason, if you are looking to obtain some for your Christmas tree, or just to add your collection of spiritual relics, you should find an online Christian gifts retailer.  It will probably be easier to find one online than in your area, and even if you can find a store in your neighborhood, it will likely be small with a limited selection.  Online stores, however, are able to advertise a wide variety of everything might need for your Catholic observances from Bibles, to rosaries, and everything in between. 

This article was published on Friday 23 April, 2010.

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