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What is the in  the names of Jesus? One of the most important questions that Jesus asked was "Who do you say I am?" He has been given over 40 names though out both the Old and New Testaments It is also to be a lesson in Christology or the study of Jesus and his divinity. Why did he come and who he is.

Of course these few weeks of ordinary time start with the Baptism of Jesus. Now this lecture year is Cycle A, and primarily from the Gospel of Mathew. For those unaware Mathew's Gospel is a great example of how Jesus was the fulfillment of the old testament prophecy. Each event, miracle and milestone in Jesus' ministry, Mathew matches the Old Testament to each event, holding that up as the evidence that Jesus is the Messiah to all the good practicing Jews that know the covenant of the old Testament.

Some of the names of Jesus our obvious and many of them are ones you've heard. Son of God, Messiah Son of God, Son of Man, Light of all Nations, Light of the World and the Bread of Life. John called Jesus the Lamb of God and Gods' chosen one. And both of these are very prolific references to the Old Testament. He's been called a Jesus The Shepherd and often there is statuary to that reference. Take a moment and think of how many different names for Jesus you can come up with? It is a great topic to spend time in prayer with and trying to find why Jesus was bestowed that particular name.

Titles like Lord is obvious. It bestows honor as well as reminds us of the second coming of the Son of God ushering in end-times. It also help convey the divine nature of God. And by example the word Christ means the anointed one. It is often used to depict Jesus is Messianic role in the world. And the Son of Man is a term that Jesus himself used in relation to his passion and how his Resurrection saved mankind.

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