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There are many kinds of religious jewelry.  Christian and Celtic cross pendants, Catholic patron saint medals, and religious resin statues are just the beginning of a large catalog of artistic and meaningful gift items.  No matter the occasion, you will likely find something that is appropriate for the spiritual person in your life.  Perhaps there is something that you need for your home, office, or wardrobe that will add a touch of class, personality, or strength. 

When it comes to religious crosses and crucifixes are some of the most popular.  These can be made out of a variety of textiles to serve several different moods or personalities.  Of course, the most common of these is gold, but you can also find them in simple woods, which is a fine representation of Jesus’ life and the manner of His death.  These wood materials include sandalwood and olive wood, among others.  They can be made in skinny widths or thicker ones and can be of light color, dark color, or anything in between.  They can also be treated with a protective stain or left natural too.

In regards to gold jewelry, Christian crosses and crucifixes can be made of the same quality gold you may be familiar with other popular jewelry.  10k, 14k, and 18k varieties are definitely available, which affords many styles for every price range.  Yellow gold is, of course, the most popular but you can also find these designs in white gold and even pink gold as well.  Manufacturers may also create combinations of gold are for a more unique product.  Finally, birthstones like amethyst and ruby, as well as diamonds, of course, create even more variety and opportunity to find or customize the right piece of jewelry for you.

 Patron saint medals are popular in Catholic jewelry.  Christian followers are not all the same, and this is one specific area of worship that separates the Catholic Church from other denominations.  Catholics look to specific significant people or biblical figures who have been canonized to help aid with problems in their everyday lives.  Saint Michael, for instance, was obviously named for the archangel who smote Lucifer.  Accordingly, he is regarded as the patron saint of the warrior and is the focus of prayer for police officers and military serviceman, particularly in the air guard.  This includes fighter pilots and paratroopers.

When you need new religious jewelry, Christian bookstores or supply stores are often a good place to start, but they are not always the best choice.  Though they specialize in these types of materials they do not always carry the widest selection, and you will likely end going online to find the right piece of jewelry for you.  For this reason you should start your search online and look for a web-based business that can help you to determine the best item for you or for that miraculous gift you want to give.  With highly competitive prices, 24-hour convenience, and a variety of shipping choices, there really is no better way to go.

This article was published on Monday 18 October, 2010.

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