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St. John Vinney

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St. John Vianney was born in France on May 8th of 1786 he was the third of six children. His family grew up as normal dedicated Catholics who followed the word of the lord and help the poor as much as they could. In 1790 when the French Revolution had came about priests were supposed to be no exception to fighting in the war but many of them went in to hiding and prayed in secret and held masses in secret to carry out their duties and their voles that they took. Since the priest would risk their lives by caring out there day to day duties by spreading the word of the lord St. John Vianney started to look at the priest as heroes.

St. John Vianney carried out his first communion at the age of 13 by two nuns. It was so dangerous at that time that the windows in the place of where his first communion took place in were all covered. The danger did not end there as the same level of risk was present all through his preparation for his sacrament of confirmation. Once the French revolution was over catholic churches where then restored and Vianney had went back to school and was allowed to attend church with his family freely. He finally decided he would join the priest hood and struggle very much so in Latin but his persistent would pay off. But again he would be interrupted in 1809 when he was drafted to fight in Napoleon’s arm. Even though being an ecclesiastical student he should not have been drafted but his name somehow ended up on the wrong list. He was drafted and two days later fell sick and was unable to leave with his unit of soldiers. Shortly thereafter he was sent to Roanne where he was drafted again. Before his unit was ready to leave he went into a church to say one last prayer and managed to miss his unit again. Vianney found a man outside of the church who claimed he could take him back to his unit instead he took him into the mountains where he joined a group of deserters at a farm ran by an elderly lady.

This is where St. John Vianney career would essentially start. After about forth teen months of hiding he was then able to start practicing his preaching again. In March 1811 his country had declared that all deserters of the war would be able to freely come back to their own land with no consequences. St. John Vianney came back home and began his studies legally again. Shorty there after he was given the title of a deacon and one month later was given the title priest in which the next day he gave mass.

St. John Vianney was really well known for how strict he was on his religion, he did not tolerant much of anything that was not in the bible. Dancing and drinking were strongly prohibited which much of his people were doing at the time and he would not grant them absolution unless their activities were cut out of there life’s. St. John used to sit in the confessional for 12-14 hours of the last ten years of his life, in which he died in August 4 1859.             


This article was published on Monday 05 October, 2009.

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