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St. Joseph Statues
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Mary, the mother of Jesus was betrothed to Joseph of the House of David according to Christian tradition. Joseph knew Mary’s child was not his, but to protect her from possible death for being a social outcaste, he married her and protected her and the child. It is believed he knew that Jesus was not an ordinary child and considered it God’s work to raise the boy. He taught Jesus carpentry and mathematics. He brought his family to Jerusalem for Passover and fled to Egypt from King Herod the Great. His is not mentioned at the time of the crucifixion and it is believed he died before that. A statue of St. Joseph represents perfect fatherhood.


St. Joseph is the patron saint of fathers, working men, and real estate agents. It is said if there is a statue of St. Joseph buried near your for sale sign, you house will sell quickly. This practice started years ago when some European nuns buried a St. Joseph medal on property they hoped to get for convents. Gradually the practice changed from medals to statues and from buying to selling. It should be buried upside down so the feet point towards heaven. If it faces your house it will sell, if it faces the neighbor’s house that one will sell. For people with apartments the statue is buried in a flower pot. After your home has sold, the statue should be taken to your new home. You can buy special statues online just for this purpose.


There are many sites online where you can get a kit for selling your house with a statue of St. Joseph. There are at least six different versions of this kit and possibly more. There is a kit with a silver oxidized St. Joseph medal that can be buried or worn, a deluxe double statue kit with a medallion plus an additional mini sized statue to keep with you, the simplest kit with a statue and prayer card, a kit with only a pocket statue to always keep it with you, the original kit with prayer card and statue and the miraculous double novena St. Joseph kit with a St. Jude statue who is the patron saint of impossible causes. This is for the really hard to sell house.


There is always a statue of St. Joseph in the nativity scene. Usually on the left side as you face the stable. Some Christmas decorations only show Joseph, Mary and Jesus, with a star above. A statue of only him almost always shows him holding the baby Jesus, but some show him with his carpentry tools.


Sicilian-Americans revere St. Joseph because they believe he saved Sicily during a time of famine. He is said to have brought a good crop of Fava beans and a good catch of fish. Even today, on St. Joseph’s day, some raw beans are set before a statue of St. Joseph and visitors take one as a lucky charm. They are called St. Joseph beans and are also part of the culture in New Orleans where Sicilian fishermen settled.


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