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Religious lawn statues are popular ornamentation for homes and churches, but there are so much more than your everyday decoration.  These often life-size figurines represent the many aspects of faith in their denominations.  Whether you belong to an eastern or western religion, you are probably familiar with some kind of sculpture or effigy that has been erected for worship or identification purposes.  This is so that those who belong to that faith will know where to go when they need spiritual cleansing or guidance, but it is also an identifying characteristic to those who may be in search of a church. 

Manufacturers make from a variety of materials.  The most prominent of these textiles is probably resin.  Porcelain is also popular because it appears smooth and pure, which is especially important with statues of the Virgin Mary.  Crude models can be made of simple woods or metals, which are more appropriate for regions with mild weather.  Nativity sets are often made of plastic because they need to be able to withstand different kinds of weather.  Since they are always being taken out, set up, and put away from its seasonal use, they also need to be lightweight and easy to move.  Plastic also accommodates this.

Popular lawn statues include the patron saints.  This is a strictly Catholic component of faith.  Saint Francis in particular is a common choice in regard to patron saints, because of what he was canonized for.  As the patron saint of animals, he makes an appropriate addition to your yard.  Saint Fiacre is the patron saint of gardening, so you may also find him, accordingly, around areas of your yard where you might be growing your own produce.    Of course, this is just the beginning as there are many more patron saints that protect or serve a variety of vocations or personal needs.

Perhaps the most familiar types of lawn statues are those that consist of the nativity scene.  This Christmas classic can consist of the basic players, which is Mary, Joseph, and Baby Jesus in a manger, for a minimalist setting.  Of course, it’s really not the same without all of the characters involved, so for a full roster you’ll want to also have the three wise men as well as all of the animals and the barn as well.

To get your individual lawn statues for Christmas, or for any special occasion, holiday, or birthday you should definitely look into a web-based retailer.  Actually, you may even be able to find a manufacturer or designer who deals direct through the internet.  Either one of these options will save you money as internet stores have very low overhead so they can charge less for stuff you would normally find at a traditional store.  They will save you a lot of time too, with twenty-four hour access and the ability to shop from the comfort of your own home.  Streamlined shipping options are available too, which means you really won’t find a more convenient shopping experience.


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This article was published on Tuesday 09 November, 2010.

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