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Men's Rosaries
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When you are looking for a special gift for a man, mens rosaries might be just perfect.  Rosaries are used in the catholic church to count the number of Hail Mary’s that are said, while saying a prayer of the same name, either silently or vocally.  The use of the rosary beads allows the person to keep track of the number of prayers they have said while meditating on one of the many mysteries as the fingers move along the beads.  Rosary beads are also used in many other religions.

Like other rosary beads, mens rosaries often have a medal of a saint at one end, then the beads, which are often strung together by chains, and a crucifix at the other end.  The difference with men’s rosaries is that they are often made with beads that are slightly larger, to accommodate the larger male hand.  They come in difference lengths of beads.  On longer strings, there is usually a larger bead after every 10th bead, separating the different mysteries that are being meditated upon.  Sometimes there are also smaller beads, like Japanese seed beads in between each of the main beads.

Mens rosaries are often made of wood which can sometimes be coloured black or brown.  The metals used to make the rosary vary from silver to pewter to gold as well as other metals.  The beads can also be made of cocoa, gemstone or crystals, as well as special glass and marble, and onyx, as well as many other materials.  There are many different qualities of rosary beads and they are available at all price points, depending on your budget.  If you like, you can also customize the rosary from some suppliers by choosing from medals of various saints as well as various designs of crucifixes.  For example, you could choose the patron saint of their birthday or profession which would add a really nice personal touch.

You can also choose the style of crucifix that you would like on your mens rosaries.  For example, you could choose a small wooden cross with the figure of Christ on it, or a Celtic cross if that would be more appropriate.    There are many other crucifixes available as well, including the four roses crucifix and the peace crucifix among others.  The choice is really up to you and your preferences.

It is said that traditionally, rosaries were made up of ropes with knots in there.  These lengths of rope served the same purpose as today in counting and reciting the Rosary.  Mens rosaries are great gifts to give at any time of the year, whether it is for a birthday or for Christmas.  It is an item that will be well cherished and for a practising Catholic, well used.  Rosaries are widely available through traditional stores as well as through online merchants on the internet.  There are some truly beautiful rosaries available on the internet, as many merchants supply rosaries that come from all the far reaches of the world and you should easily be able to find one that is of good quality and unique.  Most online merchants have secure checkout facilities as well as fast delivery.


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