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St. Michael Medals a tolken of strength

The Catholic faith has a particularly interesting aspect in that they name significant, spiritual beings in religious history as patron saints.  While no other Christian denomination upholds this tradition, this is an important characteristic to the Catholic religion.  Accordingly, there are physical tokens that people wear or possess that help to remind them of their faith or to protect them spiritual obstacles.  The St Michael medal in one such artifact that many Catholics carry around with them. Whether as a necklace pendant, keychain, or visor clip in their car, it is a token of strength and safety and a source of comfort for many.

The St Michael medal is named for, of course, the archangel Michael who makes many powerful appearances in the Bible.  As the field commander of the Army of God, he is regarded as a great spiritual general, and warrior for Christ.  Accordingly, he is the patron saint of the warrior, meaning that Catholics have designated him as the protector of those who fight to preserve security, safety, and peace.  As such, police officers and military soldiers, particularly paratroopers and fighter pilots, regard him as their patron saint as well.  Men and women who have chosen those vocations for their life sometimes rely on him to keep them safe while performing the duties of their jobs.

In Catholic tradition, the St Michael medal depicts the archangel wielding a sword and shield, which seems to follow the belief that he was indeed a warrior.  The story tells of his heroic feats and how he came to replace Lucifer as the “viceroy of heaven.”  Of course, the Morning Star would need replacing after being hewed down by the hand of Michael himself.  Ironically, he is also said to be an angel of forbearance and mercy.

The St Michael medal is only one of the many pendants you can wear around your neck that represents the thousand or so saints that make up a trademarked region of the Catholic faith.  Other saints include, Saint Anthony, the patron saint of lost things, and St Catherine of Alexandria, who is the patron saint of librarians.  There is a patron for virtually every area of expertise, vocation or study.  There also patron saints for cities, states and regions of the world as well.  Saint Michael, for instance is the patron saint of Brussels and Germany, and Saint Botulph of Ikanhoe is the patron saint of Boston Massachusetts.

You can find a collection of spiritual and religious merchandise, including the St Michael medal and St Andrew rosary, among other things, at a variety of Christian retail outlets.  The most convenient way, though, to find and obtain these personal artifacts is online.  Because these qualify as specialty items, the best way to get them is from a retailer who has a wide selection to choose from.  You won’t find a better selection than on the internet.  Online retailers also typically charge significantly less than most traditional stores because they have less overhead and pass some of that savings on to their customers.

This article was published on Thursday 04 March, 2010.

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