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St. Michael - Patron Saint of Police

Michael is the archangel in the Christian, Islamic and Jewish religions. He is the head of God’s army and led the forces of good against Satan and his forces of evil. He is not a saint in the traditional sense, since he is an angel and appears when needed to deliver messages from God or fulfill a prayer. He is called Saint Michael and is usually depicted as victorious over evil. This is why he is St. Michael patron saint of police. Police are sworn to serve and protect and there is no greater protector than St. Michael.


The early Catholics considered some of their martyrs as their military patrons and St. Michael was designated the care of the sick. Springs where all the sick who bathe are cured of illnesses are attributed to him. He was considered the great heavenly physician mostly associated with hot springs and great waterways including the rising of the Nile every year. In spite of all of this his warrior aspect came back, especially in the Middle Ages when he was associated with Knights, and in 1950 Pope Pius XII named him St. Michael the patron saint of police.


In the Roman Catholic Church, St. Michael has four main roles. He is the angel of death, where he meets the soul of the dead and weighs it giving the opportunity to repent unrighteous acts, and the patron of the Jews in the Old Testament, the supreme enemy of Satan and finally, is guardian of the Church. This is why he was associated with Knights during the Middle Ages, and the enemy of Satan and his army of fallen angels. Today, he is associated with police officers, paramedics and other emergency workers, mariners, paratroopers and sickness. He is claimed by the American airborne units. In Australia, National Police Remembrance day is on the feast day of St. Michael patron saint of police.


St. Michael is usually depicted as a helmeted warrior armed with a sword and shield and sometimes a spear. He is standing over a dragon, the devil, and also holds scales that he uses to weigh the souls of the dead. Sometimes he is shown with the phrase “who is like God?” a rhetorical question, meaning that no one is like God. This is also the meaning of the word Hebrew Micah. In the Eastern Orthodox Church and in many in the west he is considered above all the angels as prince of the Seraphim. He removed all the undesirables from heaven and is revered by law enforcers for that. That directly refers to St. Michael patron saint of police.


There are many saint medals showing St. Michael patron saint of police with the figure of a policeman. Some are even badge shaped. They are made of gold, silver, pewter and stainless steel. They represent a loyal, trustworthy servant who protected heaven and attacked Satan on his own. He is considered to police heaven and earth still, so he was asked to protect the police who are protecting the people. Today his image, fighting evil and preserving justice will often be found on police badges around the world

This article was published on Wednesday 18 November, 2009.

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