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The rosary is an important symbol in Christian tradition, the name rosary comes from the Latin meaning garland or roses or flowers and the rose is a symbol of the Blessed Virgin Mary which makes the rosary beads very important, they are used as a way to give prayer and also can be used for decoration in the home to show off your religion and faith and they also make a great focal point.


Murano glass rosaries are slightly different, they are more intricately designed and are made from glass beads which are colourful and have various patterns on them. Murano glass is made in the Venetian island of Murano and has been made for centuries. Murano glass was believed to have originated around the 9th century in Rome and have significant Asian and Muslim influences. Murano glass is interwoven with Venetian glass. Murano glassmakers developed many technologies using glass such as crystalline glass, enamelled glass and glass with threads of gold. They also developed multi colored glass, milk glass and imitation gemstones which were made out of glass. Murano glass makers are still using these ancient techniques today crafting things such as contemporary art glass and glass jewelry as well as Murano glass rosaries.


Murano glass rosary is a unique rosary, it is still made from the traditional beads with a cross or a crucifix on the end of it, but it is more stylistic and decorative than some of the more plain rosaries. The Murano glass rosary has colourful glass beads which are held together by a string or chain topped with a cross. They can be worn around the wrist or around the neck as a beautiful addition to your religious jewelry collection. You can also get Murano glass rosaries which can be hung on your wall; these will make a very pretty change from the more traditional plain crystal or wooden bead rosaries and will make a wonderful focal point in your home that will stop your visitors in their tracks.


There are many different designs of Murano glass rosaries available, all in different shapes and sizes utilizing various colors and patterns to make each Murano glass rosary totally unique and original. They would also make a fantastic gift for a loved one as a birthday or Christmas present, you will be able to show your loved one how much they mean to you by giving them a Murano glass rosary which they can treasure for ever.


A Murano glass rosary is a little bit more delicate than plastic or wooden rosaries and is not really suitable for children; however they can be given as a first communion gift for a keepsake which can be used when the child is older. Murano glass is beautifully hand crafted and colourful and a Murano glass rosary would be a welcome addition to anybody’s jewelry collection, a beautiful gift and a unique set of beads to use for prayer, so what are you waiting for? Find out more information on where you can get your own Murano glass rosary on the internet today!

This article was published on Saturday 26 September, 2009.

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