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Nativity Sets

Nativity sets are very popular during the Yuletide season.  Many people enjoy seeing the retelling of the birth of Jesus, so a physical reminder of this occasion is always appreciated.  Just after Thanksgiving, you will start to see the many versions of these portrayals in church lots and the lawns of private homes all over the country.  There are many kinds to choose from, which is good because it is not always necessary to have something so elaborate, nor is it always affordable.  This way anyone can relive this spiritual experience again and again, year after year.

As religious iconography, nativity sets are a reminder of the Miracles of Jesus and his Mother’s Virgin birth.  This serves to help those who choose to reflect on the religious and spiritual aspect of Christmas amid all the hustle and bustle of the commercial relevance.  Even for those who do not observe the religious rites, many look forward to the appearance of these statues as it signifies the coming of one of America’s favorite holidays.  Christmas is a time of giving and togetherness, so this image represents more than the birth of Jesus, but a renewal of family for many people.

You can find nativity sets of varying detail, which makes them available to anyone who wishes to display their faith.  You can find cloth ones that you can drape on your wall around your home for holiday decoration, or attach to clothing for a Christmas-themed robe.  There are simple figurines made of plastic or ceramics, or even carved wood that you can place on your dining room table as the centerpiece for your Christmas feast, or on your coffee table as a subtle reminder of the true meaning of the holiday.

Traditionally, though, you may recognize nativity sets from their elaborate displays at your local church.  Often carefully constructed by exquisite visual artists, these reenactments show quite a bit of detail and can elicit an almost immediate emotional response to any observer.  More than just a posing of dolls, the set up you will find can sometimes be elaborate works of art, detailing not just the form of the figures, but the emotions and spirit that they embody.  Sculpted pieces will feature the folds of the draping clothes and the solemnity of the faces.  Some sets are merely the family members while others feature every character, from the many farm animals, to the Kings who brought the gold, frankincense, and myrrh. 

For this holiday season many people will be looking to decorate their home or property with nativity sets.  As popular as they are though, it is actually not easy to find all of the types that are available by visiting a local store.  The best way to learn about the spectrum of sets is to get online and search for them.  No doubt, you will find a wide variety of visual styles made from many different textiles.  You will have a better idea of the massive scope of sets on the market which will help you to find the one that is best suited to your needs.

This article was published on Friday 23 April, 2010.

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