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Nativity Sets
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Nativity sets are a stirring reminder of the humble beginnings of the Christ child, and Christians the world over celebrate the birth of Jesus by displaying then in their homes. Christmas Nativity sets can be as elaborate in detail as one chooses to make them, or they can be a simple representation of Jesus’ surroundings on the night of His holy birth.


Many nativity sets start with a standard display of seven key figures. Of course, the central figure is that of the Christ child. As the saying goes, “Jesus is the reason for the season”, and the Christ child is the reason for the nativity scene. This is why the manger where the child resides is placed at the center of the nativity set. The manger itself typically remains empty until the morning of Christmas. The stable surrounds the manger, and a figurine of the Virgin Mary is placed to one side of the manger. Jesus’ father Joseph is sometimes placed on the opposite side, but in some nativity sets he can be found placed away from the manger and looking away from the Christ child with a figure of an old man (representative of Satan) at his side. This is intended to symbolize the trait of human doubt and Satan’s role as man’s tormentor.


Other components of the nativity set will include the three wise men, and accompanying angels and animals. If you view your nativity set as being laid out in three gradually expanding circles, the first circle would include the manger and its figures, the second would display the wise men and the shepherds who preceded them, and the third circle would be occupied by angelic displays and various animals in the nativity scene. Typically, the shepherds would be placed in closer proximity to the Christ child than the Three Kings. This indicates a reflection of Biblical accounts that note the shepherds visited the baby Jesus before the three wise men. Animals displayed are typically camels, sheep, and oxen. Some choose to display the camel figures with the three wise men to signify the great distances they traveled to pay their respects to the King of Kings. Most nativity displays will feature the angels hovering above the stable. If that is not practical due to the limitations of space, it is perfectly acceptable to place the angels inside the stable with the holy family. If your nativity set is an outdoor display, it will naturally have more room for ancillary figures and details. If your scene is comprised of more delicate and costly pieces, an indoor display will no doubt be more appropriate.


There are an endless variety of ways to arrange your nativity set. Remember that each and every piece has its own significance, and the arrangement of those pieces should be done in such a way as to communicate the appropriate degree of reverence for the holy occasion of Christ’s birth. It is important that each family member have an understanding and appreciation of each piece’s role in the nativity set. That will help ensure the tradition continues into their families as well.

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