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Need to Sell Your Home? Ask St. Joseph

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As anyone who has ever sold a house knows, it is one of the most difficult processes and you need all the help you can get. You have people come tell you what colors to paint your rooms, if to change you carpet but what they don’t tell you is maybe one of the best things you can do is buy a St. Joseph Home Seller Kit bury a St Joseph Statue in your yard.

Many homeowners turn to St. Joseph, earthly guardian of Jesus. In a tradition that may date back to the Middle Ages, many people claim that by burying a Statue of St. Joseph in your back yard will help your home sell faster. The exact date of when this started seems to be a bit blurred but it is thought that there were some Nuns who buried a medal of St. Joseph asking for his intercession as they looked for a convent.

Other stories of its origin can be traced to Germany when homebuilders placed St. Joseph in the foundation of the houses they were building, praying to St. Joseph, the patron saint of carpenters. And others still believe this originated in Montreal when a Religious Brother wanted to by land on Mount Royal for a small chapel. After burying some St. Joseph Medals, he was granted the property in 1896.

In the US the custom started to take hold in the 80s and by the 90s, realtors were putting St. Joseph on all the properties they were selling.  When the house sells, the tradition calls for the statue to be dug up and taken to the new house. However many of these realtors forgot where they placed the statues and left them saying they would protect the property however some believe the statue will cause the property to keep selling.

As the rage took hold with the realtors, they came up with ways to do this.  But none really seemed to agree.  They included Upside down by the for sale sign. Some say it should be in the back yard and yet others say it should be lying on its back and others say in the front yard. Then of course there is the discussion on which way it all should face. Face the house, face the street or pointing at the house and of course there is a need to bury it a foot deep.

There are numerous people with stories of houses that have sat on the market not selling and then out of desperation, buried the statue and in weeks and some cases days saw the house sell.  And of course there was one story of the guy who buried St. Joseph in the yard and after a few days he when his house hadn’t sold, he threw it away. A few days later he opened his local paper to find a notice that his local garbage dumb had been sold.

 The believers are so many in numbers that religious stores and website sell many of these statues a week. But it would seem it all comes down to faith. And if you think its silly but your house isn’t selling what do you have to lose, $9? Get your St. Joseph Home Seller Kit

This article was published on Wednesday 07 May, 2008.

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