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Outdoor Decor
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Everyone knows someone that has a nice yard. Whether it be the person on the block that pays meticulous detail to their home and yard, with perfect outdoor fall flowers or the one with the backyard retreat. No matter what the motiff, outdoor decor can make your home have outstanding curb appeal or become a summer getaway every weekend.

Outdoor décor can be simple items, a planter full of spring flowers. It can be a flag flying in a lazy summer breeze or it can a nativity scene in a yard with the first winter’s snow gently dusting its roof. But how do you determine what to put in your hard to make these scenes. What do you do for spring to make your yard come alive. Or in fall to give the warm earthy tones that remind us of that brisk cool fall air.

There are very easy and creative ways to decorate a yard. A simple bail of hay, a relatively inexpensive item that can sit in your flower bed makes a great stage for pumpkins or outdoor resin pilgrims that will allow for a wonderful fall festival type display. Often as the leaves are raked and fall gives way to winter you will see neighbors coming out to put Christmas lights no their homes. Or electric candles in their windows. This tradition was from the 15th century when the Irish would put candles in their windows to let a road weary traveler know that it was okay to come to that house because they too where Catholic. You now see homes without door lights decorating homes and making Christmas time a wonderful time of year.

Other outdoor decorations include outdoor Christmas displays. Often you will nativity sets, or yard art like Santa kneeling over  and a baby Jesus, thematically bringing the two ends of Christmas together. Santa is the secular icon and Christ the Spiritual one. Scene’s like this as outdoor decorations conjure fond memories and bring excitement and anticipation for Christmas.

Other year round outdoor decorations can include saint statues. These are often  Blessed Mother or St. Francis statues. Often you will see these statues in yards all year long. They depict common themes, including our lady of Grace, and St. Francis usually with some animals or deer.  They are common items that people may use in their yards to have a more spiritual yard or one more conducive to prayer or they may have the blessed Mother to help watch over their property and help keep them safe. Some have fountains or bird bathers, while others are just simple stone or resin statues. Other themes include angels, another common garden decoration.

Outdoor décor is an expression of its own. As you drive though neighborhoods you can tell much about the owners of each in how well they have their homes decorated. You can tell the spiritual homeowner or the homeowner that loves season home decorations and those who just love Christmas.

Outside décor reflects the feelings of the homeowner. The care the outside of the home receives is a definite indicator of the heart of the inside of the home.

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