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An outdoor nativity scene can lift your spirits. You can create your own scene to lift not only your own spirits but those who see it will have their spirits lifted too. You can express yourself with different sizes and designs for your nativity display. The size, detail and add-ons determine the price for what you want to display. There are many types and designs to choose from when selecting your display.  Touring the neighborhood and around town can give you some ideas on where and how you want to start creating your display.

There are many sizes to choose from when selecting your outdoor nativity scene and the size will depend on how much room you have and how many figures are in your set. The basic set will have Mary, Joseph and the baby Jesus and the most common size is 27inches. You can choose various sizes up to life size figures. You can add animals, the Three Magi, the Star of Bethlehem and angels to build up your display but keep in mind the room that you will have to display your figures. If the figures you want to display are too costly to purchase all at once you can start small and add new figures each year until you have the display you want.

The detail that you want can raise the purchase price of your outdoor nativity scene. There are now air-blown inflatable displays that are relatively inexpensive, and there are wire framed displays, but the detailed figures will have a higher cost. The materials that your figures are made from will also determine the price. Porcelains, woods, ceramics or plastics are common materials for figures, but you will have to think about weathering also. Some materials will weather better than others.

There are many selections for add-ons for your outdoor nativity scene. Some of the figures can be lighted so you don’t have to have separate lighting for nighttime displaying of your scene. You can also add hay and outdoor lighting. The hay will add to the ambience of a stable and the lighting lets you single out the most important pieces in your display. You can also add the outline frame of a stable to enclose your display. You may have noticed that some park and church displays have live animals. This is not a good idea for private displays. You would have to check with your city or county office and see what restrictions and permits are needed but you would also have to feed and clean up after the animals at regular intervals.

You can express yourself and lift spirits with an outdoor nativity scene but there are decisions that need to be made before you purchase your displays. You have to determine what size, design, and add-ons you want in your display and how much this will cost to do. Take Christmas display tours and see what others are displaying and look around the stores for what you want. Shop around and see how much the display you want will cost. 

This article was published on Wednesday 18 November, 2009.

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