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Outdoor Statues for Prayer

Nothing brings your garden alive like outdoor statues. Whether it is a religious statue, animal statue or people walking through your back yard, it adds mystery and depth to your trees and flowers. There are mythical animals and gargoyles to peek at you from a nook as well as large animals that will be seen grazing from your windows. Garden statues can add whimsy or elegance to your over-all décor and bring a certain atmosphere into your home. It may be classical European, Eastern or a whole zoo of real and unreal animals that enliven your garden.


Outdoor statues are made from many different materials which affect the cost and the style. Some, made from resin or polymer, look life like and are durable to withstand any weather. Christian saints look good in this material because they bring the faith alive. A family in Tuscany, Italy, the Fontaninis, have been making life sized religious statues for four generations. They are made of polymer and hand painted with particular attention to the expression in the eyes. Sometimes, very expensive marble or bronze statues are better kept inside but the other materials are not expensive and meant to withstand the weather.  


Animal outdoor statues are very cute and fun to see. Your garden may be very urban, even on a high rise balcony, but these little animals can bring nature to you. Birds and ducks, turtles, cats, frogs, rabbits, squirrels, even lions, bulls and elephants can charm you everyday. You can get several and change them with your mood or the seasons so your garden stays lively. Horses, zebras, giraffes, tigers, wolves and fish for you pond can all abide in your garden or patio if you are lucky enough to have large spaces outside.


Buddha, in different poses, are very popular outdoor statues. There are stone carvings of Buddha meditating that radiate serenity as well as laughing Buddha, a brass bust of Buddha, solar Buddha fountains that soak up the sun during the day to generate a small pump that makes a fountain in a lotus bowl he is holding. It looks like antique bronze but is very strong resin to withstand any climate. It will operate even during the winter, with snow all around, if it gets enough sunlight. There are statues that you can customize the color with one of four basic finishes. There is a natural cast stone finish, hand-rubbed antique finish, multi-toned finish and stained and antiqued to look classic European.


There is pedestal statuary for your garden that makes a classical statement. Greek or Roman urns and goddesses add elegance to a formal garden and take it to a whole new level. You can also get copies of famous outdoor statues including Hermes by Praxiteles, The Discus Thrower, Lady Justice who is blindfolded with a scale, The Kiss as well as The Thinker by Auguste Rodin, Michelangelo’s Pieta as well as David and The Venus de Milo.  These may be the most famous statues in history and you can have a beautiful copy in your own garden to contemplate.

This article was published on Friday 02 April, 2010.

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