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Patron Saint Medals
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There are many different saints in Christianity and each saint usually is depicted by their own saints’ medals. These are medals which show the saint usually doing what it is that they are named after on a medal which can be worn around the neck, or you can also get bigger medals which can be hung on the wall as decorations.

Saints medals are very important to Christians because each saint is named as something important which they have don’t during their time, and each separate medal is used to represent a different saint and a different type of protection.


The saint Christopher is one of the more popular saints’ medals. Christopher is the patron saint of travel and on his medal he is often shown carrying a small child across a river, which was later discovered to be the baby Jesus. This is where Saint Christopher got his name as the saint of travel and many people wear his medal when they are travelling to protect them against accidents and so forth. Some Christians who do a lot of travelling will often hang a slightly larger saint Christopher medal from their rear view mirror to protect them and their vehicle and passengers.


The miraculous medal is also a very famous and a very popular saints medal which is often worn by many Christians. This medal depicts the blessed virgin Mary on one side of an oval shaped medal and on the other side it shows the cross with the letter M near the bottom which depicts Mary looking up to her child on the cross. This saints medal was saint to help protect many people and to bring any who wear the medal blessings. Christians all over the world still wear these saints medals today to help to give them blessings- there are also groups dedicated to the miraculous medal which you can join.


You can also get Saint Michael medals who is the patron saint of chivalry and wearing his medal will help you to stay brave in the face of danger. Saint George medals can be bought and he is also the patron saint of chivalry, as well as Saint Patrick medals.


There are many saints medals available to purchase and each one is said to do something different, from the saint Christopher medal which protects travellers, to the miraculous medal which brings blessings. Saints medals can also make brilliant gifts for loved ones, as Christmas and birthday gifts, or even first communion gifts. Wearing a saint medal will not only make a lovely addition to your religious jewelry collection, but they will also help to show your faith in Christianity and keep you safe when you need it.

You can find out more about saints medals on the internet if you run a quick search on one of the popular search engines and they are available to buy from all good jewelry stores as well as on the internet. So what are you waiting for, get your saints medal today!

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