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Police Officers Patron Saint, Michael

St. Michael patron saint of police officers is not an ordinary saint. He was never a human born on earth to achieve an uplifted life worthy of emulation. He is the Archangel in heaven and was the commander who led God’s forces against Satan and defeated him. Because of this, he has always been associated with the forces of good winning over the forces of evil. Pope Pius XII made him the patron saint of police in 1950.


He usually appears on statues and medals wearing armor and carrying a spear or sword. He looks like a warrior. Often the sword is piercing a dragon, symbolizing evil. Sometimes his foot is on the neck of Satan, symbolizing that Satan is powerless in front of him. He also meets souls after death and gives them the opportunity to repent their sins. He weighs their souls first and is usually depicted holding scales. In this role of fighting evil and seeking out justice, St. Michael patron saint of police officers is revered.


His name comes from the Hebrew Micah and means, ‘who is like God?’ a rhetorical question implying that no one is like God. Along with Gabriel and Raphael, he is considered one of the three principal angels and there are many paintings and works of literature about him. He is in the Jewish, Christian, and Islamic traditions. From the Old Testament he came to Christianity, and along with St. George, became the patron saint of chivalry. In France, he also became the first chivalric order of France in 1469. In 1818, a British chivalric order was founded  and was named the Order of St. Michael and St. George. St. Michael patron saint of police officers also includes warriors and soldiers especially fighter pilots and paratroopers.


In the policeman’s prayer, St. Michael is invoked as the Commissioner of Police of heaven who cleared Gods premises of all undesirables. It asks him to look kindly and professionally on their earthly force. It requests the blessing of wise judgment, hard punches, stout hearts, cool heads and an uncanny flair for investigation. It asks to become the terror of burglars, friend of children and law-abiding citizens, polite to bores, strict with law-breakers, kind to strangers, and impervious to temptations. It admires St. Michael’s sense of duty to God and hard punches plus his angelic self-control. In the end, the policeman’s prayer to St. Michael patron saint of police officers, requests a place in heaven to guard the throne of God.


The Roman Catholic Church gives St. Michael four main roles: the angel of death, carrying souls to heaven and weighing them for sins, and special patron of the Jews and guardian of the Church. St. Michael patron saint of police officers is directly connected to his role as winner in the battle of good and evil. There are medals and badges, with his image, for police all around the world. In Australia September 29 each year is national Police Remembrance day. It is the feast day of St. Michael.

This article was published on Thursday 19 November, 2009.

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