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The Prayer Garden

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The prayer garden has an important place in Christianity and its preachings.  Adam and Eve were placed in the Garden of Eden, before the temptation and banishment from the paradise.  Jesus Christ prayed in the garden at Gethsemane before his crucifixion and when Christ was resurrected Mary Magdalene mistook him for a gardener. 


The garden is a good place to meditate as it provides a wonderful atmosphere, reflecting of life and the ability to listen to pure inner voices that we are otherwise unable to hear so, in the busy life.  The garden offer solace we need to communicate with our master and thus get closer to Him.  The beautiful flowers, melodious songs of birds and the greenery soothe our senses and bring us at peace with nature, the first step towards attaining oneness with the Almighty.  Placing garden statues of saints, angel and cherubs gives religious touch to the beautiful environment.  In a happy frame of mind with all worldly worries behind us we can easily focus over heart and soul in our prayer to God. 


The prayer garden should have statue of St.  Francis, the patron saint of the animals and charitable deeds.  His holy presence in form of birdfeeder or bird bather will bring on his blessings, by way of providing love and care to birds, to which he preached God’s greatness and they also listened him carefully.  The other saint whose statue should grace our garden is St.  Fiarce, the patron saint of Gardeners.  The angel with the harp figurine placed among the irises should grace and personify the beauty of garden.  The Angel and the trumpet statue on both sides of garden gate add to the splendor of the place.  There are many more holy figures that can be placed in the garden to increase beauty of place. 


Flowers also play an important part in our prayer garden.  The Rose of Sharon or Hibiscus in our garden is trumpet shaped blossoms of lavender or white color.  In bible Jesus and Mother Mary are referred to as Rose of Sharon.  The bush forms triangle as it branches, this triangle being example of holy trinity.  The Dogwood has unique blossoms which face upwards, keeping their eyes on our Lord.  It has pink and white blossoms and represents Veronica wiping Jesus face.  The lily of the valley smells like breadth of the heaven while the periwinkle depicts Jesus meeting women.  The cornflower’s blue color represents color of Mary, while green spiky leaves with blood red berries represent the crucifixion of Christ.  The bleeding heart plant depicts Jesus condemned to death.  .  The Freesia flower indicates Jesus stripped of clothes and the Morning glory, a twinning plant with upward facing horn shaped blossoms depicts fallen Christ.  So the flower, trees, animals and nature are all part of the great God and we should always respect his creations to earn his grace and mercy. 


All the great saints walked, lived and meditated in wilderness as it was the perfect place to communicate with the Creator.  In same way we should take care our garden properly like what, we take care of our children.  We should beautify our garden and treat is as a prayer area, to communicate with almighty everyday and hence earn is divine grace. 

This article was published on Tuesday 29 September, 2009.

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