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Prayer Gardens Offer Serenity and Peace

Often when we see the beauties of nature our mood is uplifted and we feel love and a sense of belonging. A prayer garden is a place we have especially arranged to give a space to harmony and peace where we can go to pray or meditate and feel closer to God or ourselves. What kind of garden will give you the serenity you seek? Once you have a plan there are many prayer garden ideas you can find to make your special place a reality.


First you need to decide the area. Will it be a large garden with walk ways, water and trees or a small corner of your backyard with a place to sit and something to contemplate? Once you know the exact place you will use you can start looking at prayer garden ideas that work for you. For a small area you need to have a place to sit and a place to rest your eye. Blossoming flowers or bushes in season or a statue that relates to your inner life are the most common decorations. For a spacious yard there will be several corners where you can rest, each one may represent some different aspect in your spiritual life.


You can get iron or molded cement garden furniture that looks beautiful but may not be very comfortable. Comfort is important in a prayer garden so make sure you have cushions so you can sit for a while without feeling pain. There are many meditative statues including Catholic saints, Buddha, animals, Native American totems, ancient Egyptian symbols and African art, so you will be able to find the perfect image that relaxes you and has meaning. The best prayer garden ideas will come from your own interests.


Prayer garden ideas often include a water feature. The sound of running water is soothing, and a fountain is usually recommended. There are small fountains that sit on a table top and circulate water for a splashing sound. If you have the space and means you can get larger fountains and even create a small pond with fish. These will need a large garden, probably with walkways and several statues. Flowering plants add a lot to any garden and unless you are very particular which plants you want, it may be best to have plants that take minimal care. Pink roses, Morning Glories, Daisies and simple plants that grow easily in your area are the best because they are there to please you, not to cause you worry.


The most popular prayer garden statue for Christians is St. Francis. He reminds us of his care for all creatures, which we need to consider in these times of environmental crisis. These prayer garden ideas can help you create a peaceful corner where you can pray or meditate at any time, although mornings are the best because you get a relaxed start to your day full of good energy. We don’t all have time in a rushed morning to sit and pray, so your own prayer garden will be there for you whenever you need it.


This article was published on Tuesday 24 November, 2009.

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