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RCIA Gifts for the Newly Converted

The Rite of Christian Initiation of Adults (RCIA) is a ritual by the Roman Catholic Church as a way of welcoming people who want to become part of the Church as adults. It is first communion, confirmation and baptism together in one ceremony. The three things Catholic children usually go through as they grow up. Just as godparents and friends give children gifts at this time, RCIA gifts are also welcome. Usually they are wall crosses, sometime personalized, jewelry and key chains that are also personalized with the RCIA symbols. These gifts are meant to commemorate this important time for someone who has chosen to take a new religion.


Personalized RCIA gifts are good. They will be a special keepsake because their name and the date of the ceremony are engraved on the gift. There are simple gifts such as book marks, wall hangings and Christmas ornaments as well as more costly and longer lasting gifts such as; candle sticks, champagne flutes, mugs and evangelist goblets. There is even a bean bag teddy bear that sits by itself and has the symbols of the sacraments of RCIA which are a dove, font and chalice.


Good quality watches also make good RCIA gifts. They have Christian symbols on the faces and bands and can be given to the new member or from him to his or her sponsor. There are watches for women with cross shaped faces and guardian angels that come with multicolored bands that will match any outfit. Also, attractive cuff style watches with fish and cross designs on the bands. There are many watches with the cross as the hour hand. A watch is a useful and beautiful gift that reminds the wearer a hundred times a day of their new found faith.


Praying the rosary is one of the most popular devotions of the Catholic Church. This prayer is seeking Mary’s help in approaching God. Rosary beads are used to count the number of prayers by hand so you don’t have to remember how many you have done. These beads can be very beautiful and costly with gold and precious stones or simple and rustic with wooden beads and crosses. It would be a good RCIA gift for someone just beginning to learn the Catholic prayers. There are special RCIA charms that can be attached to commemorate the day as well as saint’s medals to suit the interests of the person receiving it. There are also antique rosaries available online from estate sales and heirloom sales for a very special gift.


Gifts can be given from RCIA candidates to their sponsors in joining the Church. These RCIA gifts can also be a memento of the day. It need not be something very expensive, just a key chain or pendant, preferably personalized with the sponsor’s name and date of the ceremony. There are other ways to thank the person who supported you through out your life changing experience. You can get special cards that may express your sentiments better than you can, to thank them for their help and guidance.

This article was published on Tuesday 09 February, 2010.

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