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RCIA is the process that adults who are called to conversion to the Catholic church participate in. the Rite of Christian Initiation (RCIA) dates back to the early Catholic church where communally the people who would live and study together for over a year until they were allowed to receive the sacraments of initiation: Baptism, Eucharist, and Confirmation. RCIA Gift ideas can span any of the three sacraments.


Understanding the process of the RCIA allows for you to better understand what might be an appropriate gift. First decide if Baptism was part of the process. That may affect the gift. A dove pendant might be a good choice.  As part of the RCIA process one unique gift was to have the sponsor make the baptismal candle the elect will receive on the night of their baptism.  Some can be very elaborate and ornate.


There is also the Eucharistic aspect of the ceremony as well. Depending on the person there are pendants of a chalice that make great RCIA Gift ideas as well. The can be warn as a reminder of both the power of the Eucharist as well as the reminder of the power of the day as well.


Confirmation is also received and there are also symbols of the spirit. Again a dove is a common symbol for the spirit and makes for a great gift idea as a pendant. 


As a child, both Baptism and Confirmation have God Parents/Sponsors to walk this journey of faith.  As a sponsor, picking a gift would be to pick one that lasts a lifetime.  Jewelry, Bibles, Crosses and figurines are often great gift ideas from the sponsor.  Additionally one of the nicer RCIA gift ideas is a patron saint medal.


As the candidates walk through the process they are asked to choose a saint as their confirmation name. Often that saint is someone who inspires them or that they have something in common with.  Patron saint medals make great RCIA Gifts. They serve the person as a reminder of the day as well as to help the intercession of their saint into the aspect of the life that they choose to live.


There are many RCIA Gift ideas. Over the course of the RCIA program candidate and sponsor get to learn each other and picking the right RCIA gift is much easier. Sometimes home décor items make great gifts because the persons home does not have the outward reminders of the Lord around them. These are helpful symbols, which aids in staying focused. These home items are very well received hen they fit the home décor.


Crosses and Crucifixes are another set of great gift ideas. They can be given as a pendant or as a standing cross or wall cross.  There are even RCIA version crosses.  They make break gifts ideas.


Lastly the Miraculous medal has been attributed with many conversions and seems to be one of the best gifts you an give a person that is coming in to the church on Easter Vigil. It embodies the true spirit of the RCIA  and will help the candidate on their life journey.

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