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Religious Chistmas Gifts keeps Jesus in the Season

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Christmas is one of two times a year when gift giving is very important. The other one is birthdays. Giving gifts at Christmas is usually part of the Christians celebration of the birth of Jesus. The gifts commemorate the gifts brought to baby Jesus by the three kings from the east. Through commercialism, the practice has been adopted all over the world by non-Christians as well. Even so, a religious Christmas gift would most probably be a Christian gift.


Christian jewelry is the number one religious Christmas gift. It is suitable for men, women and children and is very much appreciated not only because it is beautiful, but because it can last for generations. The designs and styles seem infinite online and they range in price from inexpensive, simple pieces to solid 18k gold and diamonds. Crosses and crucifixes are the most popular Christian jewelry these days, but saint’s medals are also liked by Christians and non-Christians alike.  St. Christopher medals are the most popular as well as St Francis or Assisi. Crucifixes have become trendy lately for the younger crowd who want to associate with the surfer, rock star or motorcycle life style. 


Nativity sets are another very popular religious Christmas gift. There are hundreds of styles and material from solid silver to carved wood. They also can last lifetimes and bring the true meaning of Christmas into your home with all your other decorations. Another unusual possibility is the gifts of the three kings. In a beautiful, inexpensive stained wooden box you can get trace gold plated nugget, real frankincense and myrrh. For young girls, collectable ‘special moment’ figurines are so cute and inspirational and they can look forward to a new one every year. There are Christian videos and DVDs, games and software that will please the children as well as instruct them. Candles are another gift that symbolize spiritual light and is inexpensive and beautiful. There are several Christian apparel choices including ties, T-shirts, hoodies and many more. They can be found online for men, women and children.


Angles in jewelry, figurines and posters are another popular religious Christmas gift. They were present at the birth of Jesus and remind those who believe, that they are never alone. They also have a powerful effect of representing a loved on who has passed away but is still watching over you. There are also places online where you can get gifts that are made in the Holy Land with authentic materials. They are unique in that they come from the site of the nativity. They help keep the spirit of Christmas alive. There are also gifts direct from the gift shop of Lourdes which will have great meaning for Catholics. Rosaries are the most popular but there are also small figurines and posters.


Christmas has become a secular celebration of gift giving with the added atmosphere of peace on earth. A religious Christmas gift will bring the receiver back to the real meaning of the holiday and be something that can be kept for years.

This article was published on Saturday 31 October, 2009.

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