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Religious Gifts
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Choosing the right gift for anyone can be a daunting task sometimes. If, however, you know the person’s religious or spiritual beliefs, you are in luck. Religious gifts are always welcome because they affirm deep beliefs and can be handed down to children and grandchildren. Whatever their religion, there will be a symbol or object that represents some aspect special to them. There is a huge array online to choose from and save you the task of thinking of the perfect gift.


Religious gifts for Christians are easy to get online and come in a great variety. Jewelry is the most appreciated and there is a huge selection of crosses, crucifixes, charm bracelets, brooches, rings and earrings. They come in gold, silver, platinum, wood and ceramic and are decorated with gemstones real and manmade. They come in delicate filigree and heavy metal for young girls and young men. They are fashionable, beautiful and will make a true believer very happy. There is jewelry made especially for the young and fashionable. Heavy silver or steel crosses, usually large in size, are considered the right fashion statement for a surfer, biker or rock star life style.


There are also religious gifts for children, including, personalized books and coloring books for Christian children, and nativity sets for children to arrange, while hearing the story of the birthday of Jesus as well as commemorative plush animals for confirmation and baptism. There are patron saint medals, Bibles, books, rosaries and icons especially for children. Children’s furniture with sayings painted on it as well as wall hangings. They are designed to attract children as well as teach the values of faith. There are pendants that combine your favorite sport with your faith, to bring your religion into every aspect of your life and cute carpets with the themes of Noah and the animals, the Garden of Eden, Bible stories and God is love.


The same is true for Jewish friends and family. Religious gifts of jewelry are easy to get, well crafted and beautiful. The Star of David is the most popular crafted in hundreds of styles from crystal, gold, silver and many more. Candles especially for the Shabbat and Chanukah as well as Kiddush cups, tablecloths and knives make good gifts. For children there is a colorful carpet with the Hebrew alphabet around the oval. There are many sites online that offer ideas for giving to your Jewish friends.


There are gifts available that represent many other religions including Hinduism, Buddhism, Islam and many more.  Gifts for Muslims include music, prayer rugs and  prayer watches. There are companies online that carry these special religious gifts. A few examples are statuettes of Ganesh and other gods as well as puja thalis, and wooden incense boxes. You can get special gift boxes of traditional sweets and flowers to send for Diwali. Almost all religions have devotional T-shirts and other clothing that make wonderful gifts for anyone. Child or adult will appreciate apparel that sends the right message. Your gift giving problem is solved.


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